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Unique Alternative Housing Options That Are Eco-Friendly and Stylish

As concern about human impact on the environment grows, many people are seeking out greener alternatives for the products they buy and the lifestyle decisions they make. Given that purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial commitments in life, it makes sense that sustainability is becoming a big factor in homebuilding and renovation too. Besides choosing environmentally friendly building materials, many people are opting for alternative housing options that have a less detrimental impact on the planet.

Of course, sustainable materials are always a smart choice, however, totally rethinking the concept of what a home can be and what it can be made of is key to exploring alternative housing. Unique constructions made from waste materials, reused structures and natural elements are among the examples of how people are creating eco-friendly housing.

Here are 25 examples of unique options for alternative housing. Some are more mainstream than others, and a number of them are suitable only for certain types of climates. Moreover, there are a few that may appeal only to die-hard environmentalists. Regardless, they demonstrate a very wide range of options.

Cob house

No, it’s not a house made from corn cobs. Cob is actually an ancient clay building material —  similar to adobe —  that uses materials such as straw, bits of sticks or other fibrous material mixed with subsoil, water and sometimes lime, sand or clay. The resulting material is great for home construction because it is cheap, fireproof and resistant to damage from earthquakes.  It’s also easy to mold and can be used to create houses that are curvy, thatched-roof style or more modern versions that look like a typical residence. Because cob is easy to mix and manipulate, it’s an ideal material for people who want to build a small house with their own hands. Even those new to construction can learn to use this material quickly and easily.

Building with cob is like sculpting with clay and it can be augmented or reshaped even after it has dried. It has excellent resistance against rain and cold, meaning it is suitable for all but the coldest climates. “Cob walls one to two feet thick provide immense thermal mass and adequate insulation, ideal for passive solar construction,” the company says.


These beehive-shaped homes are made of exactly what is in their name: bags of dirt. To say the material is easily obtained is an understatement, making this type of alternative housing especially cheap. Plastic bags of earth are simply stacked to create walls that can be straight or curves. Often barbed wire is used in between the layers for extra stability and to keep the bags from shifting.  They can be built up tall to create a roof without the need for trusses or other supports. In addition, long tubular bags of soil are sometimes used, stacked up in coils to create another, sturdier variation. Once finished, the outside is typically covered with some sort of plaster or adobe to preserve the bags holding the earth. According to Insteading, the shape is aerodynamic and holds up against hurricanes and are resistant to fire and floods.

Log House

Although they are still made of wood, log houses can be an eco-friendly type of alternative housing. The large logs don’t go through the milling and treatment process and are very good for energy efficiency. Studies have shown that logs absorb heat during the day, which helps keep the home warmer at night in the winter. Greener options for wood stains and the chinking — the material that seals the gaps between logs — are now available, increasing the home’s sustainability factor. Last, but certainly not least, sometimes log homes can be built from dead trees instead of using living trees. These houses also have the option of being rustic or being a greener version of today’s high-tech homes full of amenities.

Hobbit house

They may be most often associated with the hobbit Bilbo Baggins and the Lord of the Rings, but hobbit houses are not uncommon. These underground homes — also called earth-sheltered houses  — are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options for alternative housing. Earth Homes Now reports that there are more than 6,000 of these subterranean houses in the United States. From an energy-saving standpoint, a Hobbit house is naturally cooler than a standard house because it is built below the surface. The low profile also means they are safer from hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as soundproof. Those who build these homes and also use solar panels could potentially eliminate most all utility expenses.

Underground House

Taking the concept of the earth-sheltered house a step further, underground homes go completely below the surface. These houses are totally protected from storms and inclement weather and have all the environmental benefits of earth-sheltered houses, especially the temperature control. Typically, the facade of the house faces outward and offers views of the outdoors, while other types take advantage of slopes to add windows to other parts of the house. Still others incorporate skylights to bring in more natural light.

Container home

Homes made from shipping containers first came to popularity among those who were looking to live in a tiny home because the smallest ones are about 100 square feet. Since then, more and more people are opting for this type of alternative housing because they see it as a great method of recycling. Larger homes can be created by combining and stacking the containers in different configurations.

In some instances, container houses can be cheaper than traditional ones, but in most cases, you will have to add insulation and perhaps a stronger roof in areas where there is much snow, in addition to the usual fixtures, doors and windows. Homes from shipping crates can generally be built rather quickly and can be even more environmentally benign with the use of sustainable insulation, solar panels and water conservation systems. Many people interested in this type of home are partial to the modern, linear look that these industrial containers have.

Green roof home

Homes that have a green roof — also called a living roof — are gaining popularity in urban areas as well as suburban locales. This type of alternative housing is beneficial in a number of ways: Besides helping to insulate the home, a green roof absorbs water and provides a natural habitat for birds and small wildlife. In more densely populated areas like inner cities, a green roof has a cooling effect on the temperature and a calming effect on the people who are around it. In addition, plants help clean the air, which is a great benefit, particularly in the city.

Typically, these roofs consist of a waterproof layer, soil or another growing medium, and then the vegetation chosen to grow there. These types of roof can be installed on an existing home with some modifications, and can also be used on commercial buildings.

Pallet house

Wood pallets have been showing up in DIY projects for years, so it’s no surprise that they have made their way into alternative housing choices. While they started off as being mainly used by those who want a tiny house who want to go off the grid, wood pallets are now featuring in houses of grander construction. Ideal for recycling, pallets are themselves very cheap to buy, but it’s important to make sure they have been treated to resist rot and insects. Thanks to their ease of construction and low cost, they are also being considered for disaster-relief housing in various areas.

Tiny House

Beloved by those who want to downsize and leave a smaller footprint on the earth, tiny houses are economical and environmentally friend in many ways. This type of alternative housing has grown wildly popular in recent years. The small homes are coveted for the low cost involved in running it and the freedom that comes from the enforced simplicity of living in a very small space. Tiny houses come in an endless assortment of sizes, styles and degrees of ingenuity. Besides requiring less energy to heat and cool, tiny homes use less water and often have compostable toilet systems instead of regular plumbing. These diminutive homes are very popular among certain segments of the population but have too many limitations for a larger percentage of people.

Tiny house on wheels

Much as some people used to turn to recreational vehicles — RVs — to live on the road, today versions of tiny houses on wheels are becoming the popular route to logistical freedom.  This type of alternative housing has all the benefits (and drawbacks) of living in a tiny house, but with the added bonus of mobility. Want to move? Hitch up the house to a vehicle and off you go.  This style of home often eliminates property taxes and creates extra savings by not being permanently sited.  These homes rely on expertly designed multifunctional spaces and plenty of creative storage to make life comfortable.

Straw bale

From waste product to wonderful building material, straw bales are an excellent environmentally friendly building material. Besides being inexpensive, the straw is a very efficient insulator. When used for a house, the bales are generally plastered from both sides, making the structure something the big, bad wolf could never blow down: These houses are airtight, pest-proof and fireproof. When combined with other types of energy saving additions such as solar panels, the amount of energy that this type of alternative housing uses is very low. Besides, when completed, they look like any other house — you’d never know the walls were made of straw.


A far cry from the childhood plaything, treehouses are now a stylish form of alternative housing. From rustic versions for living off the grid to magnificent modern, professionally designed houses that have all the comforts of a regular home, treehouses are attracting a good deal of attention. A desire for novelty or a yen to be closer to nature often brings homeowners to these homes, which can be very eco-friendly. Large trees are stable, long-wearing foundations for these structures and can withstand weather and the effects of the environment. In combination with other green building materials, these houses are very sustainable.

Cordwood house

Using the cordwood method to build a house is just as the name suggests: Using short sections of trunks and tree limbs — usually destined for the fireplace — the as structural material that is held together with cobb or masonry. This alternative housing building method is very sustainable because it can use all sorts of logs and wood that would not usually be used for construction.

Cordwood walls are also an excellent insulation and provide the natural balance between the thermal mass and insulation, without the need of using any further methods inside or outside the house.

Camper trailers

Similar to a tiny house on wheels, a camper trailer provides instant mobility to its residents. As a form of alternative housing, camper trailers are ideal for people on the go who want the lowest level of home maintenance possible. Living in a camper trailer is a lot like a tiny house on wheels because space is limited and organization key. With these homes, it’s easy to spend the night in a park, campground or in the wild. Living in a camper trailer is also a wonderful way to travel while keeping expenses down by eliminating hotel costs and allowing greater enjoyment of the outdoors.

Barn Transformation

Transforming a barn into a home is another example of an environmentally friendly way to repurpose a structure as alternative housing. The large, high-ceiling buildings are perfect for the open floor plans that most people favor these days.  Rather than tearing it down and building anew, converting a barn into a home offers unique design possibilities thanks to the wide open space inside. Whether the barn is large or small, it can be turned into a comfortable and highly liveable family home, especially if the rustic details of the original structure are left intact whenever possible.

Factory House

Rather than lapsing into disrepair, former industrial buildings are finding new life as stylish factory homes in the hands of creative homeowners and cutting-edge architects. Highly durable structures with plenty of open space, these buildings make a great base for alternative housing. The industrial interiors offer a range of original details and design options for creating a modern, comfortable residence that can easily include home office space and plenty of room for space dedicated to hobbies and activities.

Silo house

Transforming old grain silos into homes is one of the newest trends in alternative housing. Using one silo can make a small yield a small home and those who want more space can use multiple silos. Aside from being a more affordable type of housing to build and maintain, silo houses offer interesting options for decorating and design thanks to the round shape. And while the outside might be plan corrugated metal, the insides of these homes offer just about every comfort you might want in a home. And, if the idea of having your whole family in a silo home is not appealing, these structures make great guest quarters.

Floating houses

Maybe you’ve dreamed of living on a boat but have you considered a floating house for alternative housing?  Different from a basic houseboat, a floating home is a real house that is constructed atop floats and anchored to a location on the water. A house barge is another type of floating home that has a hull built for towing or moving down the river. Its advantage is that because it fully floats on the water, it does not have to meet local building and utility codes, making them popular in some coastal areas. Floating homes can be modest constructions that minimize living costs, or they can be grand, budget-busting luxury abodes. Whichever kind you choose, it will let you live on the water — literally.

Water Tower House

As towns grow and old water towers are abandoned, creative homeowners are turning what could be eyesores into stunning, comfortable residences. The round base structure and large section at the top are both ideal for creating a modern home that offers great views too. Water towers are very unique home-building opportunities because the supply of old ones is limited, making them a real conversation piece. Of course, they’re also a great instance of upcycling.

Bus House

In another twist related to the tiny house trend, more and more people are rescuing retired buses for another form of alternative housing. A bus house can be like a motorhome, allowing for an easy life on the go with no utilities or property taxes.  Or, a bus house can be stationary, attached to local services on a private lot of land. Just like tiny houses, these leave a very small environmental footprint thanks to the upcycling of the vehicle and the small size of the house.

Tent House

Spawned by the rise of glamping, tent houses are now a form of alternative housing for some who really want to go off the grid for a period of time — or even permanently.  These tents have plenty of creature comforts that are installed atop a wooden platform to help keep the base dry. Some companies even offer tent bungalows, which combine the tent with a wooden platform and some other more permanent features such as a real door and windows.

Yurt house

Mongolian herders have been living in yurts for centuries, so it’s no wonder they are gaining popularity as alternative housing in many other countries. The engineering of the basic round shape makes it strong and durable and the exterior material is weatherproof. As with any type of housing, the inside can be as basic or luxurious as your desires and budget allow. Yurts are also great for use as a guest house or separate home office or studio.

Geodesic Domes

First devised by architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, the geodesic dome has been around since the late 1950’s. While they are not terribly common, you do see them dotted around the landscape here and there. Made up of triangles, geodesic domes are known to be one of the most efficient typed of building systems. It’s a relatively inexpensive thing to build and is extremely energy efficient, disaster-proof and can be built with a kit if so desired.  Contrary to some beliefs, they do not need to be a single dome and can have separate sections coming out from the central dome.

Hemp Concrete

Used widely around the world — except in the United States — hemp concrete is one of the most sustainable types of building materials. Dating back to Roman times, the mix combines the plants woody fibers (not the same as a marihuana plant) with lime to make a light concrete that is great for building. It is lightweight, a good insulator, pest- and mold-proof, and creates good acoustics.  Moreover, a hemp plant grows quickly to maturity in just about 4 months. The stucco-like material can’t be used for foundations or come into contact with the ground. Although it needs to be coated for protection, hempcrete helps contribute significantly to energy efficiency.

Recycled Bottles

Millions of plastic bottles are discarded every year and in many places, they are being transformed from trash into totally usable building materials. Developed by Ecotec Environmental Solutions from Germany the bottle wall technique is already widespread in countries where there are millions of homeless people. To create the homes, discarded bottles are filled with sand, stacked sideways and plastered into place with mud or cement. The resulting walls are reportedly 20 times stronger than brick, fire resistant and well insulated. The cost of these homes is generally about 25 percent of a conventional house.

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20 Cool Driftwood Decor Ideas With Coastal Influences

It’s pretty amazing how many cool things you can do with driftwood considering that it’s basically old, discarded wood. The idea of using it to create decorations or accessories and even furniture is quite poetic. That being said, we’re ready to show you some of our favorite driftwood decor ideas and to inspire you to consider this unusual but very special and interesting material for your next home improvement project.

A lot of the things that can be done with driftwood are decorative, like this cool-looking orb featured on creativeinchicago. You can find all the pieces you need for such a project on the beach or even on the shore of a lake. The supplies needed for the project include short lengths of drift wood, a hot glue gun and an inflatable beach ball.

The driftwood project featured on greenweddingshoes is super lovely as well. You could use this as a centerpiece for the dining table but you can also hang it above a table, preferably somewhere outdoors, where it can serve as a decorative light fixture/ succulent planter. If you like the project, here’s what you need to make your own driftwood candelabra: a drill, a spade bit, candlesticks, tiny succulents, 2 large eye hooks, rope and obviously driftwood.

If you’re like most people, your trips to the beach leave you with a few memorabilia like beautiful shells, stones shaped by the waves, sea glass and perhaps even some driftwood pieces. Wouldn’t it be lovely to use all those things to make a unique piece of wall art? How about this simple mobile that was featured on sustainmycrafthabit.

Making driftwood wall art can be as simple as dipping a piece of wood in some paint and then hanging it somewhere. That was actually the strategy that was used to create this gilded driftwood project from domesticbliss2. If you want to make something similar you’ll need a piece of driftwood (or a branch…that could work too), gold spray paint (you can also use other types), painter’s tape and a plastic bag.

Wreaths can be made out of pretty much anything and everything, including driftwood pieces. You’d need a lot of small pieces for such a project and it would be nice to find some that have irregular ends and edges so your wreath can have more character. You can glue them all onto a basic grapevine wreath form and you can add some pieces of burlap or jute ribbon at the end. You can find additional details on kleinworthco.

If you have enough driftwood pieces you can use them to decorate things like planters, picture frames and other objects. Let’s start with planters, more specifically with a cool project from creativeinchicago. You can use any kind of pot you want, even an empty yogurt container or a tin can. The whole point is to decorative the exterior with scraps of driftwood. Twigs could work too.

You can also use driftwood pieces to make useful things like this jewelry organizer featured on refabdiaries. Branches and twigs work too but driftwood has more character. In addition to that you can also use rope which combines well with wood of any kind. Other supplies needed for this project include acrylic paint and brushes, painter’s tape, S hooks, twine and sanpaper.

Next up, a fabulous driftwood mirror that comes from craftsbycourtney. To make something just as beautiful you’ll need a foam wreath form about the same size as the mirror, jute twine, lots of small driftwood pieces, a glue gun, a metal picture hanger and, of course, a round mirror.

If by any chance you can find a flat piece of driftwood, that could be used to make a charming door sign. Actually, you can hang the sign anywhere you want so be creative. Apart from the driftwood you’l also need some twine, hooks, black craft paint and a small paintbrush. You can find instructions on craftsbyamanda.

A large enough piece of driftwood can also be turned into a wall-mounted shelf. Driftwood shelves are similar to live-edge wood surfaces but have a character of their own. Here’s how you make one: first you clean the wood and you let it dry completely, then you sand it and then you seal it by applying beeswax with a clean rag. The last step is adding the brackets and securing the shelf to the wall. You can find additional details from the tutorial offered on sustainmycrafthabit.

Tiny bits of driftwood can also be incorporated into cute projects like handmade place card holders or favors for parties and even weddings or other special events. These little driftwood sailboats would be great for nautical-themed events. They’re pretty easy and fun to make too so you might actually enjoy this project. Find out more about it from itallstartedwithpaint.

A similar project for which you also need only a little piece of driftwood is this sailboat decoration featured on craftsbyamanda. In this case the driftwood supports the fabric sail and the base of the boat is made of concrete. You can make this cute sailboat as big or as small as you want it to be.

Driftwood furniture is a particularly interesting possibility. We’re super excited to show you this awesome coffee table project that we found on charlestoncrafted. The sculptural base is obviously the focal point of the entire design and finding the right piece or pieces of driftwood for it could be tricky.

A very versatile idea can be to use pieces of driftwood as hangers for all sorts of different decorations like this wall weaving featured on aprettyfix. Attaching the driftwood to the weaving can be a bit tricky so be sure to check out the instructions and the tips offered in the tutorial first.

Remember that driftwood candelabra we mentioned in the beginning of the article? It could have made an awesome succulent planter too so if you like that idea here’s a project that shows you specifically how to make such a centerpiece from scratch. The project comes from hunker and includes step-by-step instructions.

If you want to display your collection of beautiful driftwood pieces in a way that stands out without being too specific, check out this cool driftwood garland idea from cityfarmhouse. You can hang it outside on the porch, next to your front door or inside the house in a corner or somewhere where you can see it and admire it.

Since driftwood usually comes from the beach, anything you make with it will have a beach-inspired vibe. You can emphasize this by also choosing a matching theme for your DIY projects. A nice example is this driftwood starfish idea featured on thewickerhouse.

We continue the list with a lovely driftwood vase idea that we found on notjustahousewife. It’s an easy project like most of the other ones we showed you so far and all you really need for it is a transparent glass vase, a bunch of little driftwood pieces and a hot glue gun. The idea is to glue the driftwood onto the vase in any pattern you want.

Give your home a coastal vibe by decorating one of the walls with a colorful display of driftwood art. You’ll need lots of driftwood sticks which you’ll have to cut to the same length or to combine to get a neat design. Some of the pieces will need to be painted. Use beach-inspired colors like turquoise, light blue and white. You can find the list of supplies and more details about the project on sustainmycrafthabit.

The last project on our list and one of our favorite ones is a driftwood clock featured on sustainmycrafthabit. The most important piece in this case is the clock mechanism. Look for one that looks interesting. You’ll also need the right piece of driftwood. It should have an interesting shape and suitable dimensions. You can keep the clock on a shelf or hang it on a wall.

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Modern Kitchen Designs For Cooks With Style by Team 7

We’re always excited to find new and interesting designs to talk about and new subjects to focus on and this year we came across this very cool furniture manufacturer from Austria called Team 7. We first discovered their beautiful designs at EuroCucina 2018 and we were very impressed by how each piece of furniture managed to bring people closer to nature in a very subtle manner. Today we’re having an in-depth look at all the wonderful modern kitchen designs and ideas Team 7 has to offer at this moment.

You’ll notice all the pieces are made of solid wood which is the company’s signature. The wood comes from a sustainably managed European forest and serves as the element which brings harmony between humans and nature, reflecting the company’s philosophy. First, check out some of the products the company proudly presented this year in Milan:

The Linee series

Team 7’s Linee collection is at the top of our list of beautiful kitchens and for good reason. The series offers stylish furniture solutions for every type of kitchen, from the small and simple kitchenette to the luxurious eat-in kitchen. Numerous configurations are possible as well as several different options for the little things like the handles, LED lighting and the cabinet fronts, showing that the attention to detail is something the company is proud of.

All these details allow each customer to give their kitchen a personal touch and to make it fit their style as best as possible. The incredible attention to detail is also reflected in the numerous hidden perks of the Linee kitchens such as built-in outlets, drawer organizers and very well-organized cabinet interiors for maximum storage and functionality. The rear panels are available in solid wood and in colored glass.

The Filigno kitchen

Perfect for open kitchen floor plans, the Filigno series features a wonderful blend of simplicity, function, luxury and refinement. The island is particularly interesting in this case. It’s meant to double as a divider between the kitchen and the living and dining areas and its design is simple, compact and multifunctional. Notice the difference in counter heights and the clever and seamless way in which the surface is organized into separate areas with separate functions.

The base of the kitchen island and of the cabinets is recessed and this allows the units to appear to be floating and to look lightweight which is a nice detail considering how solid and compact their structures are. Like all the other collections from Team 7, the Filigno offers can be customized with a variety of different accessories including drawer organizers and backsplash accent lighting and storage modules.

The Loft collection

The Loft series is a bit more on the farmhouse kitchen side, although at its core the design principle is modern. This collection is all about the love for wood and authentic craftsmanship, featuring a modern country cottage look. In this case the design is not as closed off and compact as with other series but instead is defined by a multitude of open shelves and low cabinet heights overall.

With this series the kitchen becomes a central gathering space for the home thanks to its welcoming, warm and cozy overall feel. A kitchen island with seating is available, a perfect option if you want to set up an eat-in kitchen. We should also mention a few key design details of the collection, such as the dark countertops and backsplash, the glass cabinet fronts and all the clever storage compartments.

The l1 kitchen range

This is a very friendly kitchen series, with proportions and furniture pieces designed to turn the kitchen into a welcoming and enjoyable space and to minimize the intimating effect that some robust or tall cabinets or units tend to have on this space. The pieces in this series are very similar to the Linee collection which we looked at earlier, being made from the same types of wood and featuring similar designs.

The l1 kitchen is the ideal choice for first-timers, offering all the basic required features but also lacking certain details which would seem unnecessary to some. As you start to get familiar with the kitchen and all its features, there’s the possibility later on to rearrange the space and to combine the individual elements freely in order to make your kitchen even more practical and better-suited for you and your lifestyle.

The Rondo kitchen

The Rondo collection is another example of how much functionality can be packed into a kitchen without compromising its beauty, appeal or user-friendly character. This kitchen has it all: a modern kitchen island with built-in storage, a wine rack and a very generous cooking and prepping surface. The other modules offer a well-balanced combination of open and closed storage compartments.

Notice once again the great attention to detail reflected in elements such as the vertical knife rack embedded into the cabinet module, the clever corner cabinet shelves and that fold-down/ book holder attached to the upper cabinet. In addition to that, there’s generous storage that comes in various different forms and that translates into numerous customization possibilities, as each user can choose to make the Rondo kitchen their own in a unique way. We definitely suggest considering this series for your next kitchen remodel.

The k7 kitchen

Featuring elegant two-tone kitchen cabinets and a height-adjustable island, the k7 series is the very definition of what a modern kitchen should look like. This is a kitchen that adapts to its user, allowing the worktop to the adjusted precisely to maximum comfort and in compliance with each individual’s ergonomic requirements. That’s possible thanks to the lift technology patented by Team 7, the system being seamlessly integrated into the metal band and revealed with a light tap.

This amazing kitchen island table is the centerpiece of the collection, being complemented by a less spectacular but definitely elegant, refined and worthy of praise storage unit which combines different-colored cabinet fronts for a subtle contrast as well as open and closed storage modules for diversity. It’s all about convenience and comfort and, of course, the aesthetic is spot on, as always.

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Luxury Apartment With A Sophisticated And Dramatic Interior Design

It’s difficult to say what exactly makes a luxury apartment different from other regular ones. It’s usually a combination of features which has to do with the overall style chosen for the interior of the apartment, the furnishings used throughout the rooms, the palette of colors and materials and also the amount and type of decorative elements displayed on the walls or in other forms. This apartment from Kiev, in Ukraine is a very successful representation of all those elements. Its interior was designed by studio YøDezeen in 2017.

The apartment is very elegant and at the same time very intriguing with touch of drama
The apartment is very elegant and at the same time very intriguing with touch of drama
The living area, dining room and the open kitchen form together the social zone and share an open floor plan
The living area, dining room and the open kitchen form together the social zone and share an open floor plan
The living room is a very welcoming and comfortable space delineated by a large area rug
The living room is a very welcoming and comfortable space delineated by a large area rug
Dark wooden floors throughout the apartment ensure a seamless visual connection between the spaces
Dark wooden floors throughout the apartment ensure a seamless visual connection between the spaces

The apartment is situated in the Diamond Hill luxury residential complex and has a rather aristocratic feel to it. It’s filled with natural light which enters through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s airy and welcoming thanks to the wooden floors and it also has a dramatic look which is perhaps given by the palette of dark colors and the molding on the walls. The spaces are furnished with elegant accent pieces such as the Lawrence Sofa which defines the living area or the sculptural Twombly chairs from the dining room.

The kitchen features dark cabinetry and a two-tone island with a table/ bar extension
The kitchen features dark cabinetry and a two-tone island with a table/ bar extension
All the materials, finishes and colors were carefully selected and paired to create pleasant contrasts
All the materials, finishes and colors were carefully selected and paired to create pleasant contrasts
Contemporary artwork gives the apartment a particularly intriguing and sophisticated vibe
Contemporary artwork gives the apartment a particularly intriguing and sophisticated vibe
This sophisticated apartment features a seamless blend of luxury and utility which are balanced out expertly
This sophisticated apartment features a seamless blend of luxury and utility which are balanced out expertly
The overall lack of bright and playful accent colors gives the apartment a dramatic allure
The overall lack of bright and playful accent colors gives the apartment a dramatic allure
The master bedroom is bright, spacious and welcoming but doesn't lack sophistication
The master bedroom is bright, spacious and welcoming but doesn’t lack sophistication
Large mirrors and sleek finishes allow the bathroom to appear large and to look refined and elegant
Large mirrors and sleek finishes allow the bathroom to appear large and to look refined and elegant
There are many examples of stylish, built-in light fixtures throughout the apartment, including in the bathrooms
There are many examples of stylish, built-in light fixtures throughout the apartment, including in the bathrooms
A touch of yellow brightens up this bedroom, giving it a cheerful appearance without minimizing its sophisticated look
A touch of yellow brightens up this bedroom, giving it a cheerful appearance without minimizing its sophisticated look
The moldings on the bedroom walls give these rooms an aristocratic appearance
The moldings on the bedroom walls give these rooms an aristocratic appearance

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10 Amazing Neon Art Ideas to Add Color and Dimension to a Room

Art is created with many mediums and one of the coolest just might be neon. Long a fixture on city streets everywhere, neon lights are increasingly being used to create artworks that are modern and different. These low-voltage lights consist of a glass tube that is filled with the inert gas — neon — with electrodes at the end. The resulting glow is ideal for creating evocative pieces that exude color, creativity and meaning.

Simple at first glance, neon works can have multiple layers of meaning.A neon artwork can create a sense of depth on a wall.The style of neon wall art idea is serene and calming.This intricate neon artwork makes a political statement as well as a visual one.

According to Christoph Ribbat in “Flickering Light: A History of Neon,” it is ironic that neon lights are considered such a quintessential American element. Actually, they were developed by George Claude, a French chemist and engineer who explored the colored light he could create with gases, leading to the development of the first commercial neon lights.

In fact, these neon wall art ideas will be instant conversation pieces no matter where in the home you install them.

A neon installation like this is best in a dark room.
A neon installation like this is best in a dark room.

Los Angeles artist Pae White creates works that focus on fleeting and ephemeral elements in everyday life. White’s work crosses the lines of fine art and applied art, as well as design and architecture. This collection of pastel-colored neon shapes that span walls and ceiling is an installation called Lucky Charms. This would be a fantastic installation in an entryway or a living room.

Many neon works make bold social or political statements.
Many neon works make bold social or political statements.

Slovak artist Viktor Frešo creates all kinds of artwork and this neon work is full of color and rife with emotion. It fits with the current atmosphere of self-examination and volatile feelings displayed in the media. Wall art ideas like this are a bold way to make a statement about your convictions and opinions.

As Art Review says, many artists have been drawn to neon because of its “contradictory appeal”  which is the “ability to embody both the idea of an optimistic urban modernity and its flipside of a darker dystopian underbelly.” Regardless of why they use it, today’s artists are turning this glowing medium into artworks that have a range of styles that go far beyond the typical neon sign.

The style of neon wall art idea is serene and calming.
The style of neon wall art idea is serene and calming.

This geometric work of neon is a completely different style from most others and it exudes a feeling of calm, unlike the typical neon lights that are associated with an energetic environment. Of course, this is should not be a surprise because the artist is Brian Eno, known as an innovator in music. After all, he did launch the band Roxy Music and work with David Bowie and Coldplay. Just as groundbreaking is the 70-year-old artist’s visual collection. Playing on the contemplative nature of art and art galleries, Eno told Red Bull magazine that his work has a calm appeal because “It doesn’t go anywhere: there’s no narrative to it and no story. After being in [the installation] for two or three minutes, you realize nothing else is going to happen. [Laughs]. And yet people stay for a long time and seem very happy with that.”

A neon artwork can create a sense of depth on a wall.
A neon artwork can create a sense of depth on a wall.

Art ideas like this one by Chul-Hyun Ah not only adds color but also depth and dimension to the wall. Actually, this one uses mirrors and LED lights instead of neon. The Baltimore-based Ahn is known for his wondrous light sculptures that use reflection to create the illusion that they go on forever. This optical illusion creates the depth that adds interest to a wall, almost as if it is a portal to the unknown.

This intricate neon artwork makes a political statement as well as a visual one.
This intricate neon artwork makes a political statement as well as a visual one.

As with other mediums, neon can be used in dramatic pieces that make a political statement. This piece is called Sediments by Chilean-born Ivan Navarro and was created in 2017.  The artist’s early works reflect the “collective psychological trauma of his native country” under the rule of dictator Pinochet. His current works focus on combining everyday domestic symbols with visual language. He is best known for his socio-politically neon sculptures that entice the sense and the mind. These types of art ideas are a sure way to generate conversation among friends and family.

Neon sculptures can be instant conversation pieces.
Neon sculptures can be instant conversation pieces.

Expressing your political viewpoint on current issues using art in the home is also possible because artists like Michele Pred take on the topics of our time. This sculpture is “Me Too” and is made from neon put on a vintage purse. Pred, a Swedish American, concentrates on feminist themes but also general social topics. This handbag sculpture is part of her Power of the Purse series that was inspired tax reform that has far-reaching negative implications for women’s rights. These types of sculptures add unexpected themes as well as color and light to a room.

Fans of abstract art may find neon pieces that they love.
Fans of abstract art may find neon pieces that they love.

Art created with neon lends itself to darker spaces where it can make the biggest impact. It’s a wonderful art idea for a room that needs some spark, especially those that are windowless or have little natural light. For example, this abstract piece by Keith Sonnier looks best in a dark space where the tangled shapes and profusion of colors can stand out. Sonnier was a pioneer in the 1960’s, creating sculpture with industrial and other materials. Late in the decade, he turned to neon to “draw in space with light and color” to create his artworks.

Using neon for word art harks back to the light's original purpose.
Using neon for word art harks back to the light’s original purpose.

Neon lights were developed for illuminated letters for advertising, so it’s natural that artists are using the medium to create works that focus on words. These art ideas are often political statements but can also be constant sources of motivation or remembrance in your home. This work is by Kelly Mark, a conceptual artist who works across a wide range of media. This phrase makes you stop and think, and would be one of those motivational pieces to move you to action. The oval work below has the same effect, helping to remind viewers to put things in perspective.

Word art makes the viewer stop and think.
Word art makes the viewer stop and think.
Simple at first glance, neon works can have multiple layers of meaning.
Simple at first glance, neon works can have multiple layers of meaning.

Sometimes, you just want a happy message hanging on the wall of your home. These two neon works are by Mr. Brainwash, a French-born, Los Angeles-based street artist whose real name is Thierry Guetta. Je T’aime and I Love You! are both composed of spray paint, stickers and neon on plywood in a plexiglass box. The bright red and message convey warmth and happiness, while the stickers in the background remind us of how fragile love — of all kinds – actually is.  They are fabulous art ideas for any room.

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How Small Closet Organizers Can Help Expand Your Storage

The closet is one of those things we often take for granted. Just think how your life would be without a closet. This piece of furniture is in a way the key to an organized home. Of course, when you open the doors and all the mess pours out it’s not exactly pretty but you can fix that, and you should do it sooner rather than later. We can help with that. Today we’re looking at a bunch of small closet organizers designed to put an end to messy homes once and for all.

Before we get into details, let’s first think of how organizing a small closet works. Closets are almost always incredibly simple featuring in most cases nothing but a shelf and a big empty space with a rod for hanging clothes onto. Just look at all the space you’re wasting. On justagirlandherblog you can find a great tutorial showing you how to make the most of such a space and how to organize a small closet in a way that maximizes its functionality in a way that suits you.

We also found a very cool closet organization idea on makingitinthemountains. What’s interesting in this case is that this closet organizer is made entirely of boxes and on top of what all the boxes are the exact same size and shape. That’s pretty clever, isn’t it? If you want to do the same thing for your own small closet, start by measuring the space and then plan out exactly where you want the shelves/ boxes to be placed and how big you want them to be.

If you have a closet drawer just for things like socks and underwear this drawer is probably quite messy. You can change that with a simple and very easy to craft drawer organizer which you can make out of some sturdy and flexible material such as felt or thin craft foam using a hot glue gun. That’s right, this is all you need for this project. Check out our video tutorial to see just how easy it is to customize your closet drawers using this budget accordion organizer.

Speaking of drawers, there are more small closet organization ideas that we’d like to share with you and one of them involves cardboard sheets. You can use them to make drawer dividers so you can organize the contents into groups based on criteria determined by you. For example, you can install dividers in your sock drawer and organize your socks by color, type, length, or however else you prefer it.

It’s almost impossible to maintain a clean and organized coat closet but you can greatly increase your chances if you invest a bit into a closet makeover. The idea is to organize the space into several compartments, each with its own function rather than having a large shared space where you store everything. Perhaps you’d like to add some shelves for shoes at the bottom, a shelf or two at the top for bags and other things and even some hooks on the inside of the door. Check out howtonestforless for instructions.

Need a system for organizing and storing your handbags? Here’s a clever idea from athoughtfulplaceblog: use shower hooks. Figure out the best way to hang them from your closet rod and make sure they slide easily in case you want to move them around. You can install a separate rods just for them or you can keep them together with your clothes.

Before you start reorganizing your closet and you change its interior completely, take some time to figure out which are the main problems you;re facing now. For example, perhaps you’re keeping your socks in a box on a top shelf and it’s hard to reach up every day or perhaps the shelves are too spaced out and you’re not maximizing your storage space as much as you’d want to. These details will help you decide what needs to be changed and in what manner. Check out iheartorganizing for more tips and ideas regarding small closet organization.

Sometimes it’s not the closet’s fault that the contents are disorganized. Maybe you just don’t have the drive to do anything about it. You know what could change that? A quick and simple makeover designed to make your closet more attractive. A cool idea could be to paint all of your wood hangers. You could pick a bright and happy color so you feel motivated to spend more time organizing your closet. The idea comes from hometalk.

Sometimes trying to work with a closet’s current organization system and modifying it is just not worth it. It would be easier to just start over. Empty your closet, step back and come up with a new plan. That’s exactly the scenario that frekleschick describes and look how awesome this closet turned out in the end. Sure, it’s a small closet but look how well the space is used now. You can store a ton on things in here.

How do you normally store your scarves and belts? They’re most likely sitting in a drawer somewhere, all tangled up. Organizing your scarves and belts is not something you think about very often so take this opportunity to make a change. On viewalongtheway you can find a cool tutorial showing you how to make a small closet organizer that slides out and has rods for scarves and hooks for belts.

There are a lot of annoying things when it comes to small closets. For example, there seems to be no perfect way of storing sweaters, jeans or T-shirts. If you just pile them up you’ll most likely make a mess in a few days when you’ll need something from the bottom of the pile. How about putting each item in its own little cubby? You could use one of those shoe organizers that can be hanged either inside the closet or on the door. This ingenious idea comes from askannamoseley.

The list of small closet organization ideas continues with a few tips from hip2save. These are more great ways in which you can organize and store your scarves in a tidy fashion. they involve things like hangers, shower curtain rings, show organizers or slack hangers. All these things can be repurposed into practical accessories for your closet.

Regular closet organization ideas don’t necessarily apply when you’re dealing with a nursery closet where you need to store lots of small things. In that case you have to be more specific when picking the dimensions of your small closet organizers. Tiny shirts and pants don’t need big shelves so you could keep them in small baskets or boxes or you could install a small rod on the underside of a shelf so you can keep them on tiny hangers. Find more ideas like these ones on realitydaydream.

It’s important to know exactly what you want to store in your small closet in order to optimize its storage capacity. For example, closet makeover featured on fabeveryday incorporates storage for clothes, shoes but also for accessories like belts, sunglasses and even jewelry. It’s a well-planned and well-organized space.

A scarf hanger can be quite useful, especially if you’re the type that has tons of scarves of different colors, sizes and styles. Here’s what you need in order to craft a scarf hanger just like the one featured on everydaydishes: a wooden hanger, shower curtain rings (or drapery rings) and a hot glue gun.

We’ve seen earlier that you can organize and store a lot of things in a small closet, including jewelry. Sure, jewelry boxes can be quite practical, especially when you’re traveling but they’re always great as necklaces and other things can easily get tangled up inside. It would be much more practical to hang each item on a small hook. You can attach these hooks to a paint stick which can be mounted onto the wall or door of your closet. The idea comes from infarrantlycreative.

As you’ve seen so far, there are plenty of small closet organizers that you can craft or build yourself but what if you’d rather buy one and be done with it? That’s an option too. For shelves you could opt for these Evelots dividers which let you neatly stack your clothes and to delineate several sections onto a shelf. You can also use these dividers for towels, blankets, bed sheets and other such things.

The ClosetMaid system is great even if you don’t have a closet. You can attach it to a wall and that can be your new closet. It’s an adjustable system with shelves and rods which you can configure in several different ways based on the size of your closet as well as your storage needs.

Pockets are great organizers, especially for small closets because you can hang them onto the closet wall to save space inside the drawers or on the shelves. The Cymiler organizer pockets can hold just about anything from T-shirts to pants, shoes, belts, socks and whatever else you normally keep in your closet. This is a great way to add more storage to your small closet without having to expand it or to add more shelves or drawers. You can use the space you have but in a more efficient way than before.

Does your small closet lack shelves? No worries because you can use the Simple Houseware Organizer to compensate for that. Sure, you can add a few permanent shelves if you want to give your small closet a makeover anyway but this system doesn’t require any structural changes. You can just hang it on the clothing rod. It has five shelves and several pockets on the sides.

This is the smaller version of the ClosetMaid that we showed you earlier. The ClsoetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack is perfect for small closet organization. It has everything you need and it’s adjustable. All you need is an empty closet so perhaps it would be practical to take out everything you keep in yours and to start over. Figure out the best way to install this system and then you can take care of the little details, like customization perhaps. 

The EZ Shelf is another small closet organization system with expandable pieces and adjustable configurations. It’s mostly made out of numerous steel tubes which serve different purposes. It’s easy to install and there are many different ways in which you can customize it and improve its storage capabilities by adding accessories. The design is simple and that makes it versatile and a good choice for most modern and contemporary closets. It’s also durable and sturdy which means it will last for quite some time.

Ready for another practical closet organizer kit? this is the ClosetMaid 5636 SuperSlide, a system that contains everything you need to install a set of shelves and rods into your closet. You can combine it with other kits and with numerous different accessories for increased functionality and storage-efficiency. 

This system is not specifically designed to serve as a closet organizing system but is versatile enough to be used as one. The SONGMICS Storage Cube Organizer system is a set of six cubes stacked on three tiers. You can store just about anything in them, from books to shoes, clothes, toys and sports equipment. Moreover, these cubbies are stylish enough to be displayed in living rooms, bedrooms, on entryways and basically anywhere else in the house so you don’t have to hide them in your closet if you don’t want to. 

When it comes to small closet organization, there’s one more thing we need to discuss: boots. They’re special because they usually take up a lot of space. They don’t have to, at least not if you choose to use the Boot Butler Rack. It lets you store five pairs of boots in only 7” of closet space. It can hold almost any type of boot, even the knee-high ones. Finally you can free up your closet floor (as long as you have room to hang this rack).

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How To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Herb Garden – Tips And Ideas

There’s nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients and while you might not be able to grow your own vegetables indoors, there’s always room for fresh herbs. That’s why we think everyone should have their very own indoor herb garden. It’s easy to maintain and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can grow the herbs in pots which you can keep out on the balcony or even in the kitchen.

Curious what herbs you can grow indoors? We’d be happy to mention a few. The most common ones include parsley, mint, lemongrass, dill, chives, cilantro, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil but also lemon balm, chervil, garden cress and even catnip. Some need shallow container, some can adjust themselves to grow in small pots and some require plenty of soil so do a bit of research before planting. After that, you can start thinking of how you’ll be displaying and storing the herbs and that’s where we can help the most. Check out some of the cutest and most practical and stylish indoor herb garden ideas we could find in the examples below.

DIY ideas

Every little bit of space is precious, especially in areas like the kitchen so there’s no point in wasting any when you can hang your herb garden and leave the counter for prepping and other activities. You can create a simple hanging planter system yourself using a wooden rod and some rope. You can find a tutorial for that on bunker and you can use it not just for herbs but for indoor plants in general.

A really cute idea can be to plant herbs in matching pots of different colors and to group them all up on shelves or to organize them in a way similar to what you can find on abeautifulmess. This simple system keeps the planters neatly and practically organized in trays on two tiers. You can put together the frame yourself and you can adjust the measurements according to your own preferences.

A wall-mounted herb garden would be a very practical idea too. You can build a frame out of wood and it can look like the one featured on shanty-2-chic. The design is simple and lets you easily add this planter system to any room of the house. Installation is easy as well and the possibilities for customization are numerous. For instance, you can choose to stain or to paint the wood so it matches other elements in the room.

Of course, building a shelving system for your indoor herb garden is entirely optional. You could focus instead on making the planters look cute and beautiful and simply keep them on the windowsill, on the counter or on any other existing surface. A particularly cool idea is to use chalk paint and to customize each planter with the name of the herb they hold. Check out rusticandwoven for instructions.

On 7thhouseontheleft you’ll find instructions on how to make cute little herb planters out of empty tin cans and wooden clothespins. There’s nothing special about it…just attach clothespins to the outside of the can, creating a sort of tiny fence. You can also use this as a votive, not just an herb planter.

The copper pipe hanging system featured on abeautifulmess is one of the easiest DIY projects ever. It’s not just great for hanging herb planters but for a lot of other things. You can even add a rod like this one in the laundry room and use it to hang clothes. In any case, once you have the rod in place you should focus on making those colorful cord plant hangers. Pick any colors you think would look best in your home decor.

Windowsill planters are super practical for a variety of reasons such as the fact that the windowsill is actually a perfect spot for them. These planters are also easy to craft, assuming that you prefer a handmade design. The project from oliveandcocoa shows you how to grow a small herb garden from scratch. The planter is simple and cute and lets you grow everything in one place.

Some herbs and plants will grow in just about any type of container which means you can even use mason jars for that. The jars can be left transparent so you can see the soil inside or can be painted or decorated with fabric. You can group them all up on the windowsill or you can keep them on shelves. Another options is to make a custom metal basket like the one featured on consumercrafts.

Modern Ideas

If you’re super serious about your indoor herb garden you might want to think about investing in something a bit more fancy, like this AeroGarden system which lets you grow up to three plants in water. It features a smart and user-friendly control panel which turns the lights on and off and even reminds you when it’s time to give the plants nutrients.

Another cool option is the Smart Garden 3 which takes care of everything for you and lets you grow healthy and beautiful herbs and plants without having to worry about maintenance. You just drop the plant cartridges into the container and you fill the reservoir with water. After that you just plug the planter in and that’s it!.

But what if you want to grow more than just parsley and thyme? What if you also want to grow vegetables like salad or peppers? Then you’ll need something bigger. We suggest the Vertical NFT Hydroponics Growing System. It lets you grow up to 24 fresh herbs and plants without any soil and with very little effort. 

You want to start your own indoor herb garden but you don’t know where to start from? This Windowsill Herb Garden Kit is just the thing you need. It contains everything you need including herb seed packets, pre-labeled pots and potting mix. All you need to do is add water. You’ll also get instructions and tips for setting up your new windowsill garden just the way you like it. 

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DIY Corner Shelf Ideas For Your Next Weekend Project

Corner spaces are quite difficult. There’s no much you can put in there but even though the options are limited when it comes to interior design and decor, there are some great possibilities which are both practical and stylish. One example is the corner wall shelf which adds more storage to a space and also lets you display things on it. Today we’re showing you a few of our favorite DIY corner shelf ideas in the hopes that they’ll inspire you on your next home improvement project.

Floating corner shelves like the ones featured on shanty-2-chic are both good-looking and easy to make. As you can see, the shelves are pretty thick and solid and to get that look without actually using massive blocks of wood you need to first put together a frame for each shelf. This method also allows you to make secret storage spaces inside the shelves if you want to.

Triangular shelves fit perfectly in corners. They’re great for hallways, entryways or pretty much any other space and there’s an easy way to simplify their design so you can hide the mounting hardware inside the shelves. You can find a tutorial explaining the whole process on 4men1lady.

What even more practical than a corner shelf? Well, a corner shelf unit, of course. You can build one with a rustic-industrial look out of wood and metal pipes. It’s easy and also pretty inexpensive, especially if you use reclaimed wood or if you repurpose the boards from a pallet. Either way, the tutorial offered on lauramakes should be helpful.

All DIY projects are unique but some stand out more than others. An example comes from craftaholicsanonymous where you can find a tutorial showing you how to turn an old wooden door into a shelving unit for a tight corner space. You can leave the doorknob on if you want to. It can actually look good if the design is nice.

There are plenty of ways to customize a basic corner shelf unit. You can even make it look like a rocket if you want to. It’s not that hard. You first have to give it a suggestive shape and then you can also add a few finishing touches, like maybe a custom paint job or some custom decorations on the sides. You can actually find more about this specific idea on instructables.

A DIY corner shelf doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, nothing has to be perfect but in this case we actually a suggestion for how to make the most of a shelf’s imperfections: try a live edge wood-inspired design like the one featured on instructables. Basically you just cut a piece of wood and you make the edge look intentionally imperfect.

Instead of making the shelf itself stand out, an alternative idea would be to let the shelf blend in with the walls and allow the items displayed on it to be the center of attention. On abeautifulmess you can find all the details on it in order to be able to craft minimalist corner shelves like these ones from scratch. Aren’t they stylish?

If the goal is not to necessarily add more storage to a space but simply to fill the corner in a beautiful way, perhaps some simple triangle-shape DIY corner shelves like the ones on houseofroseblog would do the trick. They’re really easy to craft and they fit even in small rooms since they require little space. You can make as many as you want.

There are ways to make corner shelves look beautiful and interesting and to maximize their functionality at the same time. For example, you can install a few hooks on a shelf so you can also hang things in the corner, not just display objects on the shelf. The design could be similar to what we found on vtwomen.

Instead of the regular flat shelf perhaps something a bit more eye-catching and consistent could suit your corner space better. A wood cube corner shelf seems like a pretty cool idea. This one has a symmetrical design and is not exactly difficult to build. In this particular case the design is more about looks than it is about functionality or storage-efficiency. If you like it, be sure to check out our video tutorial.

We’ve already mentioned that you can repurpose an old door into a corner shelving unit but we didn’t get into details regarding the type of door. There are various different possibilities in this case. Basically about any old door would do but if you want something special you could try repurposing a louver door. You can find more details on that in the tutorial from prodigalpieces.

The kitchen is a great place to put corner shelves in. It’s important to make the most of every inch of space in the kitchen and to maximize storage as much as possible. You can add corner shelves so you can store spices, dishes and other things close at hand or so you can keep herb planters close to the windows. Check out notjustahousewife to find out how to make stylish shelves like these ones.

This may look like some sort of odd metal pipe sculpture but it’s actually a great corner shelf which can be used to store lots of things including books and shoes. It takes a while to balance the items on the pipes and if you’d rather not play with gravity you can add some flat wood shelves to the design as well. Find more details about this project on instructables.

Wood is super versatile and easy to work with, especially if you’re trying to build something with a rustic look, like this corner shelf from amigas4all. You could use some pallet boards for this or any reclaimed wood as long as the boards are long enough. Start with the middle board and then cut the rest to size. The actual shelves are triangular in shape so that’s pretty easy to get right.

Shelves in general can serve a variety of different purposes so there’s no reason to think that corner units would be any different. Let’s say you want to build a planter stand that can fit in the corner of a room. The tutorial shared on mylove2create is just what you need. Make the unit as tall as you want, based on how many plants you have.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Wall-Hung Toilet

Just when we thought that flush toilets can’t be improved anymore, the wall-hung toilet design showed up and opened a whole new world of possibilities. Wall-mounted toilets are pretty popular at the moment and you may have seen them in restaurants, bars and public bathrooms but they’re also becoming more and more popular in private homes as people are starting to switch to them after realizing just how advantageous they can be, especially in a contemporary environment. But what’s so great about wall-hung toilets anyway? We’ve compressed everything into 5 big reasons why you should switch to this model the next time you remodel your bathroom:

1. Wall-hung toilets save space

Wall-mounted toilets are not smaller than the standard kind but they are more space-efficient and that’s all due to their design and the way in which they’re installed. The first thing you notice is the fact that there’s no water tank. Well, it exists but it’s hidden inside the wall and. Also, the toilet bowl is flush with the wall and this helps to save a bit of extra space as well.

2. They can be installed at custom heights

The fact that you can install a wall-mounted toilet at precisely the right height for you is a major advantage which standard floor-mount toilets don’t offer. It’s curious how it took us this long to come up with a solution for the ergonomic issue. Just like there are now height-adjustable desks, tables and kitchen counters, these toilets make our life easier and more comfortable by simply not limiting us to a standard height.

3. Cleaning is a breeze

Because wall-hung toilets are not touching the floor at all, that leaves the area beneath them completely open and makes cleaning a lot easier and quicker than standard toilets do. You can vacuum or mop the floor with ease plus there’s no visible tank anymore so that’s one less feature that needs regular cleaning.

4. The tank is hidden

The fact that the water tank is concealed inside the wall comes with several advantages and we’ve already mentioned a few. Cleaning is easier, there’s more space in general and the whole bathroom looks a lot cleaner, more airy and more stylish this way. The aesthetic part alone is enough to make a lot of people fall in love with this style. On top of that, there’s another big advantage to having a hidden water tank: there’s a lot less noise when it’s refilling. In case you’re worried about not having access to the tank for repairs, these toilets actually have a small access panel (the one containing the buttons) plus they very rarely require such interventions.

5. They have the wow-factor

Now let’s about the obvious thing: the way these toilets look. We absolutely love how simple and clean this system is. All the plumbing is hidden inside the wall, there’s no visible tank and the bowl seems to float above the floor which definitely gives it the wow-factor. Wall-hung toilets are super sleek, stylish and modern and if the fact that they’re new and uncommon isn’t enough, consider all the practical advantages too.

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How Beadboard Bathroom Walls Can Make This Space Feel Welcoming

A while ago we talked about bathroom wainscoting and we mentioned that it’s often confused with the beadboard wall treatment. While there are major similarities between these two design techniques, there are also a few key differences which make each style special. Today we’re focusing on beadboard bathroom designs and in particular on some of the particularities of this stylistic choice. We’ll reveal some of the ways in which such designs can add visual interest to a bathroom and some of the ways in which beadboard wall treatments can be installed.

As in the case of wainscoting, beadboard wall treatments are known for featuring a traditional look and that’s something one can take advantage of when decorating a bathroom. Check out this blue and white bathroom decor featured on Mark D. Sikes. It has just the right amount of minimalism required in a modern homes but at the same time is infused with traditional details.

Although the key elements of beadboard wall treatments are typically always the same ones regardless of the details, they’re not the only thing that matters. In fact, it’s the little things and the variations of the design which allow this style to remain beautiful and popular even today. For example, the simple fact that the boards are positioned horizontally on the walls of this bathroom designed by Bill Ingram Architect is enough to make the decor special.

Like wainscoting ,a beadboard wall treatment can be installed at any height. Typically it covers the bottom half of a bathroom wall and contrasts with the upper section, as shown in the bathroom of this cabin designed by Susan Burns. In some contexts the panels go all the way up and end just where the ceiling ornaments begin and that’s reflected in this design as well.

Beadboard bathrooms are known for being extra cozy, welcoming and warm and also for having a certain dose of retro charm. If you’ll check out some of the other spaces in this loft you’ll see that this wall treatment is reiterated into the home in various different ways.

Vertical beadboard panels that go from floor to ceiling can look very charming in a bathroom, especially one with a modern vibe like this one customized by Artistic Designs For Living. The width and length of the panels dictate a modern design with just a hint of retro charm.

Beadboard panels are a special alternative to wall tiles and can also be used to frame all sorts of things such as the bathtub, shower or vanity. This chic and elegant bathroom combines elements of the Victorian style with modern features and the result is a simple yet sophisticated design.

In addition to looking elegant and a bit retro, beadboard wall treatments are also quite practical, especially in bathrooms where they protect the walls from excess moisture or water damage. They’re also easy to clean and to replace if required.

The role of the beadboard wall treatments in this bathroom is to offer insulation and protection but also visual interest to the space by contrasting with the upper wall section which in this case is painted in a bright blue tone. At the same time, the wooden panels unify the space in a very pleasant manner.

How chic and charming is this beach cottage? It was designed by Liz Strong and it looks very fresh but also very welcoming thanks to carefully-selected interior design details such as the beadboard bathroom walls, the ornate mirror frame or even that cute little wall sconce in the corner.

Whether it’s wainscoting or a beadboard wall treatment, the visual impact is quite similar on the interior design of a bathroom. Both options give the room a welcoming and cozy look and are suitable for bathrooms with freestanding tubs as they offer protection for the walls.

A lot of times the bathroom is packed with furniture and fixtures so there’s much empty wall surface that’s visible throughout the space. Adding beadboard panels in such a case would only make the room feel more cluttered and tiny so we’d say this design detail is more suitable for bathrooms like this one where the walls are visible and open.

Since you can install beadboard panels on walls at any height, it’s up to you to decide the proportions based on your bathroom furniture and fixtures. You might choose to align the panels with the window frames or with a cabinet. You might also choose to mix and match different proportions.

In the context of this classy and elegant bathroom, the beadboard walls help to add visual interest to the space and to make the room feel more warm and welcoming. Considering how open and airy it feels, I’d say this was a very successful choice of style.

In some cases, beadboard bathroom walls can help to brighten up the space and to give it an organized and symmetrical look. This traditional bathroom is a perfect example in this case.

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