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How To Decorate With Orange – Simple, Intuitive Ideas

Orange is a very cheerful and fun color which has a lot of power and potential when used in interior design and decor. It has the power to cheer up an entire room but can also subtly make a space feel warm and welcoming without necessarily being the focal point of the decor. There are many beautiful variations of the color orange, each with its own unique characteristics. We’re compiled a collection of interior design ideas which use this color in some really great ways and we hope they’ll inspire you.

Darker shades of orange tend to be less exciting than their lighter counterparts but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. In fact, we love how warm and comfortable these dark orange dining chairs make the space feel. That’s not always easy to achieve.

Orange, like many other vibrant colors, is best used in small doses, the rich nuances at least. An interesting option is a cabinet or a shelving unit with an orange back panel.

Of course, orange can also be a main color if the goal is to create a very vibrant and eye-catching decor. You can use it on the walls of your living room to create a playful and stimulating decor.

Certain shades of orange are too bright and vibrant for spaces such as the bedroom. Light orange tones such as peach or salmon but also certain dark oranges would also work as accent colors in this case.

Orange is a great color for decorations and accessories. It adds warmth to the decor and this is something you can take advantage of in a lot of creative ways. Check out this tea set and vase with orange cozies and fabric flowers. Isn’t it adorable?

Like we mentioned before, orange is a color full of energy and joy, a stimulating color that’s great for social areas such as the living room or the kitchen. There are plenty of ways to introduce this color into a room, one of the most common ones being through furniture.

In the living room, a particularly fun option can be orange furniture such as a media unit, a bookshelf or a table. You don’t have to furnish the whole room with orange pieces. One or two would be enough to spice up the decor.

Because orange is such a warm and cozy color it looks great on sofas and armchairs. Check out this comfy space. It seems like the perfect reading nook. The armchair is definitely the focal point.

If you pair an orange sofa with a coffee table, an armchair or even an area rug in the same color, it could be too much. Perhaps a better option would be to find a complementary color, one which pairs nice with orange and brings out its cheerful beauty.

Another way to highlight this color’s appeal and beauty is with accent lighting. Check out this gorgeous bathroom. in case you haven’t noticed, the wall is halfway painted over the wallpaper. It’s a pretty crazy technique and a great way to add character to a space.

A great color to pair with orange is gray. It’s simple, neutral and it goes well with pretty much any other color. It looks beautiful in combination with orange because the two nuance contrast with each other. In this case that’s a good thing.

It’s not just color you can play with when decorating but also pattern. This is a general which can be customized in many different ways, depending on the space you’re decorating. For the kitchen, for example, you might be able to find appliances with cool designs, like these ones.

Orange and blue are complementary colors so they make a pretty nice pair. The combination tends however to look a bit outdated but has a classic vibe which gives it an almost timeless character.

Another cool strategy you could use is to mix and match several nuances of the same color. Orange could be the main color and you could play with light and dark tones and even add a bit of yellow too.

Orange is the result of the combination between yellow and red and the proportions in which these two colors are mixed dictates what shade of orange you get. Red orange looks very special and is a great accent color for a lot of different types of spaces. This shade has a little bit of brown in it and looks great when highlighted with soft, subtle accent lighting.

It’s also important to pay attention to the finishes and textures, not just the colors. Orange is a warm color and you could emphasize that with soft, fluffy fabrics or other similar materials. We love how cozy and comfortable these orange dining chairs look. We also love the idea of pairing them with an elegant wood table.

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