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Charming, Family-Friendly Christmas Home Decor Ideas

When planning the Christmas home decor you can break down the project into small pieces focused on individual spaces but, at the end of the day, it’s the whole ensemble that matters. There has to be cohesion between the rooms and between the decors so that the entire home can look and feel welcoming and festive. That being said, today we’re going to look for inspiration in the Christmas home decors that stood out in the past.

Red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas so they’re your best option if you want your Christmas home decor to feel warm and cozy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. Use red and green as your accent colors and keep everything else simple and neutral. It will look amazing, just like this home decor featured on homestoriesatoz.

Another traditional Christmas home tour with lots of charming and inspiring ideas was featured on shadesofblueinteriors. What we love about this entire setup is that the decor is more or less simple and that all the Christmas-related elements fit in naturally and complement the spaces perfectly. It’s a great thing that the existing home decor is neutral and has this charming Scandinavian vibe because all the red and green decorations don’t overwhelm it.

Even though red is a traditional Christmas color, I personally don’t really care much for it and I’d much rather skip it when decorating my home. I know others feel the same way too so, in the spirit of Christmas, check out this charming white, green and gold home decor from shadesofblueinteriors. It’s exquisite and very suggestive and festive even without any red details.

We love natural Christmas trees because they have a specific scent and they make the whole house smell like Christmas. So, if that’s the case, why not add greenery in other forms too? For example, if you have a staircase, wrap green garlands around the railings. If you have a fireplace, hang a green wreath above the mantel. You can even take the extra branches from your main Christmas tree and make a miniature one which you can display on a side table. These ideas come from placeofmytaste.

More awesome and inspiring ideas for using greenery in your Christmas home decor can be found on hymnsandverses. Here you can see that it’s not just the table, and the mantel that have been decorated but also the coffee tables, the doors, the kitchen cabinets and even the chandelier. It seems the green ornaments have been evenly spread throughout the house and the result is a very cohesive and festive home.

You can make any space look cozy and Christmas-ready if you use the right kind of decorations. Of course, the Christmas tree is a must. Fill with everything that makes you happy. We suggest however keeping the color palette centered around only two or three nuances. Since the tree is green, that can be your primary color and you can add lovely red, white and gold ornaments. Hang stockings from the fireplace mantel, decorate the dinner table with a festive tablecloth and some Christmas-themed centerpieces and perhaps you’d like to hang an advent calendar or a themed piece of art of one of the walls too. Check out these ideas put in practice on remodelandolacasa.

Your Christmas home decor should reflect your style and your preferences so look for ways to incorporate some symbols into your design. For example, we saw this cool Christmas tree on blesserhouse which was decorated with music-themed garlands. There were all sorts of other cool ideas there so be sure to check out them if you still inspiration.

Keeping the whole Christmas home decor monochromatic is also an option. Pick your favorite color and look for ornaments in that particular shade. It would be easier to find them if the color were neutral or common. White seems like a great choice. There are all these charming project ideas on houseologie that definitely make the most of its basic and timeless color.

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