How To Make A White Christmas Tree The Centerpiece Of Your Holiday Decor

If a Christmas tree isn’t green, then it’s probably white, this being one of the most popular colors of Christmas worldwide. White is a color that we associate with purity and with snow and from a designer’s point of view it’s an extremely versatile color with tons of potential. A white Christmas tree is like a blank canvas. It’s also an excellent option for small spaces and a great way of maintaining a bright and open decor throughout the room.

You can decorate a white Christmas tree in any number of ways. A cute idea, one which we found on settingforfour, could be to adopt a winter woodland theme. You could hang a bunch of light blue ornaments and a series of themed ones as well. For example, you could have birds hanging on the branches, reindeer, cute bunnies, etc.

Since the Christmas tree is all white, you can fill it with ornaments in pretty much any color. They’ll stand out and the contrast would be interesting so consider using the same accent colors as in the room’s interior design. Look for inspiration in the existing decor.

If you’re not a big fan of all-white Christmas trees but you like the snowy appearance, the alternative could be a snowy green tree like the one featured on apumpkinandaprincess. To emphasize the effect you can decorate it with gold and silver ornaments and other neutral or metallic-colored items.

A particularly chic idea and one of out favorites is to decorate a white Christmas tree with light and pastel-colored ornaments. Rose gold, silver and ivory decorations can all look lovely. Even though the contrast is not very strong, the effect is powerful nevertheless. Check out frenchcountrycottage for inspiration.

Another awesome idea is to make it look as if your Christmas tree is covered in snow. You can do that by getting a snowy tree in the first place and decorating with faux snow or white fluffy garlands and ornaments in soft, metallic colors highlighted by fairy lights. You can find a lot of great examples on pinterest.

You can barely see the Christmas tree under all these ornaments but that’s actually not a bad look. All the silver and gold details go really well with the white tree branches and the composition as a whole seems to complement the room just right. Perhaps this Christmas tree featured on randigarrettdesign can inspire you to decorate your own home in a similar way for the holidays.

The white and rose gold accents on this charming Christmas tree reflect the very essence of the simple and classy living room decor featured on pofikhomes. We particularly love the way in which the snowy white garlands are glowing courtesy of the golden fairy lights cleverly hidden between the branches.

You can turn a regular green Christmas tree into a snowy one in no time if you just use ornaments in light and pastel nuances. You could use silver, gold, rose gold and pure white details to create a glamorous Christmas tree just like the one from chandeliersandchampagne.

String lights can transform a Christmas tree in ways nothing else can. The effect is particularly striking in the case of white Christmas trees. We like the glowing look of white fairy lights. They give the tree a magical appearance which in this particular case is emphasized by the use of white and silver-colored ornaments. Instead of looking bland and boring, this tree from foxhollowcottage is actually eye-catching in a very glamorous way.

Trying a soft pastel color palette instead of the usual red and green combo or multicolored Christmas tree can be very refreshing. Try gold and silver ornaments combined with yellow fairy lights. You can even decorate the tree branches themselves by spraying them with faux snow. Check out aburstofbeautiful for more inspiring tips and ideas.

Decorating a white Christmas tree with pastel-colored or even matching white ornaments can seem a bit monotonous to some so perhaps you’re the type of person who prefers a stronger contrast. How about a white tree decorated with black and blue ornaments and with a red skirt? That could definitely be interesting. You can check out tarynwhiteaker to see how it looks like in more detail.

We mentioned before that woodland-themed Christmas trees look beautiful and charming so here’s another inspiring example which we found on worldmarket. It’s decorated with snowy pinecones, snowflakes and cute little ornaments shaped like houses, birds and forest animals.

Check out these adorable, fluffy owls. They make this little white Christmas tree look absolutely charming. It’s such a simple and effective way of making a mini Christmas tree stand out. We also like the wood box tree stand and those twigs at the top which emphasize and woodland theme. Find more lovely ideas like this one on hometoriesatoz.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional red and green Christmas palette but still give your tree an edgy look, you could try a snowy woodland theme where the white fluffy garlands are the key. Red can remain the main accent color and you can use on pretty much everything. You can let this awesome tree featured craftberrybush inspire you.

Another very cool idea is to decorate a white Christmas tree with white and gray ornaments and to make it look like you applied a black and white filter over it. That’s actually an idea that has a lot of potential for becoming fun and original.

Here’s another variation of a white Christmas tree decorated with metallic-colored ornaments. You only need a few decorations, especially if you have a mini Christmas tree. A matching tree skirt should complete the look.

When the lights are on, this whole Christmas tree glows and the darker-colored ornaments stand out by contrasting with the white branches. It’s a pretty cool and interesting look for a Christmas tree, one that suits minimalist modern homes.

If you like the glamorous look that metallic ornaments give to your Christmas tree, you can use those to put an emphasize on the delicate and serene nature of the tree. Add a little bit of blush pink for an even more chic appearance.

When you think about, the whole point of having a Christmas tree is so that we bring a little bit of the outdoors inside our homes so it makes sense to try to emphasize the natural beauty of the tree instead of covering it up with ornaments.

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Unique Floor Lighting Fixtures With Outstanding Designs

We’re all different, each one special in our unique ways, and so we have different tastes and different ways of doing things. Designers are constantly trying to come up with new ideas that inspire and stand out while at the same time infusing their creations with some of their own style. This is true for every domaine and category of items. Take floor lamps for example. Although a lot of them look more or less similar, there are a lot of special designs out there which are simply unlike anything else, so crazy and so unusual that we actually like them. Here’s some of them:

In case you’re wondering, those really are feathers. The Ring k2 floor lamp is very special. It has a slender and tall base made out of three thin stainless steel rods. The tripod base holds a large lampshade completely covered with long black (or brown) goose quill feathers attached to a brown fabric shade.

Available in four different finishes, the Laurel floor lamp features a rather unusual alabaster base. It’s shaped like a rectangular block. The base, however, is not the focal point of the design. The star of the show is the brass body of the lamp which mimics a graceful plant with large leaves.

If you’re a fan of minimalist, futuristic-looking design you should check out the Oyyo Floor Lamp. It’s not just cool-looking but also smart. You can control it remotely or using a phone app and it has dimmable 3000k LEDs so it’s both powerful and energy-efficient.

Lamps are great at making spaces look and feel warm and cozy so they themselves don’t actually have to share these characteristics. If they did they might look like this. This is the Big Puff floor lamp, a lamp so soft and fluffy that you just want to cuddle up with it and take a nap. It’s pretty cool that this effect is created through a very simple and unsophisticated design. The lamp is made of thermoplastic polyurethane filled with air.

As cute and cuddly as big lamps are, sometimes you just need something slender and inconspicuous, a lamp which can focus the light exactly where you need it. Of course, there’s no reason that lamp can’t also look cool. In fact, the Jackie lamp displayed here is the answer to all your problems. It comes in six different colors so you can match it to your existing decor.

Ever wished you had a lamp that looked like a person? Probably not but here it is anyway. Meet George, a lamp and a sculpture with an anthropomorphic design. It comes in different postures and colors and it has a lot of character. This is probably the only floor lamp that requires a piece of furniture because it actually sits down, like a real person does.

Alfred is a pretty cool lamp too. You can’t use it a completely independent, freestanding accessory because it has to be attached to a vertical surface (a wall). This doesn’t really diminish its charm or versatility. It only helps to make the lamp stand out. Also, the design compensates for this “inconvenience” by including a set of small shelves which are great for keeping books and other items on.

The Rolo floor lamp offers a very ingenious to a problem some of you may have encountered already: you’re sitting in your living room or in the bedroom and you’re reading a book or working which requires plenty of light while someone is wants to relax and would much rather prefer some soft, dim lighting. Thanks to the lamp\s petals which can be individually peeled everyone can be happy.

How could an aluminum lamp look delicate and sophisticated? It’s quite easy actually. Aluminum is a very versatile and flexible material which means it can be shaped into all sorts of quirky things, including a very sleek and stylish lamp like the Mesh. The design of the Mesh floor lamp is simple, contemporary and also expressive and this is a surprisingly rare combo.

Another special design worthy of attention is that of the X Light Table. As the name suggests, this is both a table and a lamp. This combo offers many advantages, including the opportunity to save space or to enjoy soft, pleasant accent lighting without requiring a separate lamp.

Next on our list of unusual floor lamps is the Bajau series. The inspiration for these lamps comes from the houses of the nomadic Bajau people from South-East Asia. They look very delicate and a bit similar to paper lanterns, featuring frames made of thin sticks and lampshades made of handwoven rattan. The design is quite poetic actually.

Right now multifunctional furniture and accessories are super popular and Louis fits the description perfectly. This is a table which can be transformed into a chair or which can be used as a lamp, depending on the user’s immediate needs. It’s quite the clever combo. Ideally it would be awesome to make use of all three functions at the same time but I guess you can’t have everything in life. Perhaps a future series will address this little detail.

In order to fully appreciate the Portal lamp you have to actually use it. That’s because the design alone doesn’t really how beautifully the light is projected behind the lamp when you lean it against a wall. According to the designers, the Portal is neither a sconce nor a floor lamp but can act as both. that definitely sounds cool and is even cooler when you see it.

Apart from looking very stylish and beautiful, the ARC lamps also have an interesting story. The collection was designed by Nanna Neergaard and Marie Hesseldahl from Manér Studio and the designs are inspired by the architecture and interior of the The Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen. You don’t really need to know that in order to appreciate how majestic this lighting fixtures are but it’s definitely an interesting detail which gives them even more character.

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25 Ways To Make A Simple DIY Christmas Wreath Look Extraordinary

You may think Christmas wreaths are boring and outdated but that’s simply not true. Wreaths are an important symbol of Christmas, they make our front doors look festive, our homes look welcoming and they bring cheer to anyone who sees them. Also, the are plenty of Christmas wreath ideas that aren’t boring but look in fact very interesting and have creative and original designs. So are you ready to reinvent the Christmas wreath this year? How about checking out some cool ideas first…

Forget about round wreaths and try something a bit more unconventional this Christmas, like a square wreath made of spray-painted twigs tied together with cord in the corners. Hang a few ornaments as well as the wreath doesn’t look like a clumsy picture frame. Find out more about this on DIYs.

The JOY wreaths are already pretty popular so the idea may not be that original after all but it’s still interesting enough to stand out. We love the contrast between the white letters and the simple grapevine wreath. If you’d like to find out about this wreath, head over to DIYs.

Simple and delicate Christmas wreaths are pretty trendy right now too. A particularly stylish idea is to make a eucalyptus candle wreath. You can use a brass ring, a clip-on candle holder and some fresh eucalyptus branches which you can tie to the ring using floral wire.

An embroidery hoop Christmas wreath can look lovely and original as well. You can use some leftover fabric with a pattern or a color that you really like and then decorate the wreath with a cute ribbon and maybe a few seasonal embellishments as well. Check out momenvy for more details on how to make this.

You can also make an embroidery hoop wreath without using fabric. Just decorate the hoop with a cute ribbon and some greenery and hang it with a piece of cord. It’s simple, lightweight, chic and modern. Find more similar ideas on craftsbyamanda.

Sooner or later we all end up with a bunch of extra Christmas ornaments which we longer use or need. You can use yours in a creative way and make a colorful ornament wreath like the one featured on thecraftedlife. Its a simple craft with plenty of customization options.

A wire wreath can be customized in all sorts of ingenious ways as well. For instance, attach a funky clip-on candle holder and that can be the centerpiece of your Christmas wreath design. You can make a custom candle holder yourself by gluing toy animals and spray-painting the whole thing. find out more details on dekotopia.

Natural wreaths decorated with greenery are probably the most common ones but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours look special. You just have to make it suit your style. If you want something simple, chic and modern check out craftberrybush for a few inspiring ideas, including the design you see here.

Asymmetrical wreaths are pretty fun and interesting so maybe this can be your strategy. You could decorate half with greenery and half with monogrammed wood slices. The frame can be a simple embroidery hoop. Check out this Noel wreath featured on lydioutloud and follow the instructions to make something just as lovely.

Foam wreath forms have a lot of potential too. If you want to you can even make your own out of a pool noddle. Decorate it with ribbon, fabric and various festive ornaments such as Christmas tree clippings, berries, bows, etc. If you like this particular design you can find out all about it on thecraftingnook.

If you’re in the mood for a retro-looking Christmas wreath perhaps you’d like a cute winter wonderland theme. you could decorate your wreath with pom-poms, bottlebrush trees and other tiny ornaments and a mini garland. Right now we’re actually describing this adorable wreath that we found on flamingotoes. Check it out and let it inspire you.

A creative mind finds ways to repurpose pretty much anything. For instance, we found this wreath made out of cookie cutters. Isn’t it original? If you want to make your own wreath, you’ll need a bunch of star-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes, a hot glue gun and some ribbon. If you need more details, check out inspiredbycharm for a full tutorial.

Wreaths decorated with fresh cut greens are particularly charming because they capture the scent of Christmas. They’re also fairly easy to make. You can start with a metal frame which you can wrap in moss (secure the moss with floral wire) and after that you can attach the branches on one half of the wreath and then on the other. Add a few pinecone ornaments at the top and you’re done. More details can be found on cleanandscentsible.

You’re not necessarily limited to using pine tree branches or other conifer greens when making your Christmas wreath. You can use all sorts of branches and leaves. For example, this magnolia wreath from apieceofrainbow is plenty beautiful. Those metallic painted leaves give it a particularly eye-catching look.

Let your wreath tell a story and this way you’ll be able to customize it in a way that suits your style. For example, have a look at this design from thehappyhousie. It’s simple and yet it’s full of character. This wreath was made using only a few supplies including a foam form, plaid fabric, white yarn, wood slices and bottle brush trees.

Another way to make your Christmas wreath stand out is if you make it unusually large. The idea comes from homemadeginger. That’s where we first say this giant and at the same time very pretty wreath which uses a hula hoop as a frame.

Pinecones are a great seasonal resource which you can use when crafting a custom Christmas wreath. You can start with a metal frame and glue pinecones in three layers. Then you can fill the gaps with greens, berries and maybe even wrap some battery-operated fairy lights around the wreath as well. Find more details and ideas like this on on remodelaholic.

If you can somehow find a paper mache reindeer somewhere that can be the centerpiece of your DIY Christmas wreath. You could use it to make a Rudolph wreath such as the one featured on sheskindacrafty. Feel free to customize yours in any way you want.

Some Christmas wreaths are so simple anyone could successfully complete the task of decorating and customizing them, especially when the supplies needed are so accessible and simple. This berry wreath from myblessedlife is a perfect example.

You know those foil gift box-shaped Christmas ornaments? They’re pretty cute and they’re not just for trees. You can use a bunch of them to make a gift box wreath such as the one featured on consumercrafts. Use different colors and sizes and glue the boxes to a wire wreath form.

We should also consider the possibility that a traditional Christmas wreath can look cool and interesting as well. In fact, the design can actually be refreshing seeing how everyone these days is trying to stay away from anything old-school. That being said, we recommend checking out fynesdesigns for some awesome, classic Christmas wreath ideas.

If you’re planning to hang a Christmas wreath on your front door, here’s a fun idea from drivenbydecor: hang some bells as well. Your guests can ring them and it can be a playful and fun little detail that everyone will enjoy.

You can think of all sorts of seasonal things to use as ornaments for your wreath, not just pinecones, berries and bells. How about these boots from homestoriesatoz. They definitely give the wreath a distinctively original look.

The simplest thing you can do is to buy a basic Christmas wreath made of seasonal green branches and to customize it with a few hand-picked ornaments. you could use stuff from your own backyard or you could improvise something using leftover supplies from other projects. In any case, it shouldn’t be difficult to make something pretty. if you need inspiration you can have a look at the ideas from placefofmytaste.

Let’s end this article on a cheerful note with another JOY wreath, this time from sixsistersstuff. It’s quite special and unusual because it’s shaped like a star. If you want to make a Christmas wreath just like it you’ll need the following: five 15”long wood pieces, wood stain (you can also use spray paint if you prefer a certain color), 10 small nails, letters (you can spray paint these as well), ribbon and a few small embellishments.

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Pantone Color of 2019 Is The Playful And Mysterious Living Coral

The Pantone Color Institute just unveiled the color of the year for 2019 and the nuance is a bit unexpected but very welcomed. It’s called Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral and it’s a very mysterious and intriguing color. Last year’s color, Ultra Violet, was a symbol for unconventional, ingenious thinking and this year’s nuance aims to make us more joyful and optimistic. On one hand, Living Coral is a soft and delicate color but on the other hand it’s also vibrant and energizing. This special combo gives this color a lot of depth and a unique edge which is why we’re very excited to discover all the wonderful ways in which it can be used to create exquisite interior decors.

The delicate and warm nature of Living Coral is a lovely fit for spaces such as nursery rooms. This coral-painted crib looks so extremely lovely under the colorful paper lanterns and the white and very light pastel hues surrounding it are simply perfect, yet one more successful transformation done by Megan Leith-Menard Interior Design.

Since the main point of selecting Living Coral as color of the year 2019 was to bring us comfort and to inspire us to be more joyful we believe that it would make a great accent color for social spaces such as the living room. This design by Kemble Interiors is a nice example.

This beautiful and vivid coral nuance can be used in combination with other tones to obtain all sorts of inspiring results. For instance, check out this nature-inspired bedroom decor. Isn’t it simply exquisite?

There are plenty of gorgeous ways in which you can use Living Coral accents when decorating outdoor spaces as well. How about these bohemian-looking chairs for example? They stand out against the wooden backdrop and the floral pattern complements them perfectly. This was a patio design created by Studio Burke.

If you want to turn Living Coral into a focal point for your home perhaps you should consider using it on an accent wall, like DKOR Interiors did for this bedroom. The wall brightens up the whole room and the soft pastel stripes on the floor emphasize the cheerfulness of the decor.

Even when used in small doses Living Coral can stand out and become the focal point of a room’s decor. A stylish strategy can be to have a few coral accent pillows casually set on the bed or on the sofa.

Speaking of Living Coral as an accent color, if you want it to be subtle but to still have a powerful impact on the room’s decor and ambiance consider matching duvet and pillow sets for the bedroom. This eclectic bedroom was a project by GMD Design Group.

It’s not just the main spaces that matter. Secondary rooms and smaller areas such as the bathroom can benefit from such a joyful color too. You can introduce it in all sorts of seamless ways. For instance, a mirror frame or a bath mat can change the ambiance in the bathroom in no time.

Obviously, Living Coral can also become the primary color of a room. You can use it to color all the walls plus you can also have matching curtains, area rugs and other accessories in the room as well.

The warm and playful nature of Living Coral makes this a wonderful accent tone to pair with neutrals and with natural colors and materials such as wood. This exquisite living room setup is the creation of Woodside Homes.

It can be fun and interesting to pair coral with other similar accent colors. Perhaps you could play with combinations of pink, fuchsia, lavender and other similar tones to create a vibrant and at the same time welcoming decor like the one of this eclectic bedroom by Caitlin Wilson Design.

Check out this gorgeous living room decor infused with shades of coral balanced by warm neutrals, metallic accents and cool blue details. It proves that Living Coral is not just for modern and contemporary interiors. This is a decor by Anita Clark Design.

Use Living Coral to cheer up your home office. You can plan a fresh remodel with replaceable accessories or you can use other strategies such as painting the furniture or the walls. You can find plenty of inspiration in this space created by Kimberlee Marie Interior Design.

Living Coral can also bring you more curb appeal. Paint the front door and this will give your house a fresh and trendy look everyone can appreciate. Check out lollyjane to find out more about this easy design strategy and how color can impact your home, its curb appeal and overall look and ambiance. We’d like to suggest updating the color every year but that’s totally up to you to decide.

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DIY Christmas Decorations With Easy And Friendly Designs

Custom DIY decorations are a great way of adding a personal touch to the Christmas decor. Making your own Christmas decorations is easier than you think and there are more cute and original ideas out there than we can count. You can come up with your own original ideas but it’s much easier to find inspiration in projects that others already shared with the world. We did some research and we found a few options that you might like this year.

A lot of the DIY Christmas decorations you make can also be offered as gifts. For example, you can give away these wood block card holders to your loved ones and put a Christmas card in each one. Use acrylic craft paints and tape to create this geometric pattern. You can find additional details about this project on akailochiclife.

These honeycomb Christmas bulbs featured on studiodiy are super cheerful and fun and they’re also quite easy to make. You don’t have to make them from scratch. You’ll actually be using honeycomb balls which you’re be trimming using scissors. You can shape the bulbs however you want but this oval shape seems to suit them quite well. To hang them you’ll also need to glue a little roll of cardboard at the top. Decorate it with gold tinsel.

Christmas signs can be very fun to make too. We found this lovely idea for a truck carving a Christmas tree which can be painted of a wood sign and then displayed on mantels, shelves or directly onto walls. The project is shared on the consumercrafts blog so be sure to check it out.

If you have stairs in your home, give them a festive Christmas-themed makeover. You could display a vase filled with evergreens on each step and you can hang a pinecone around each one, just as shown on createcraftlove. If you don’t have enough vases you can improvise and use watering cans, mason jars and other containers.

Wreaths are very versatile and can look beautiful and charming in just about any setting or environment so what could be better than a beautiful wreath for the winter holiday season? Well, two wreaths and if that’s still not impressive enough you can even have three wreaths displayed together. If you decorate them right you can make them look like a cute snowman. Find more inspiring ideas like this one on dimplesandtangles.

As everyone knows, Mason jars can be repurposed in numerous different ways and used in DIY projects and crafts designed to make homes look extra charming and beautiful. One idea which you could use this Christmas is to make Mason jar luminaries. You can find out the details on maisondepax.

They may not look like something you can use to create charming Christmas decorations but don’t be fooled just yet. Galvanized buckets are actually a great resource for all sorts of home projects. For Christmas, you could decorate some buckets with red ribbon and fill them with evergreens, firewood, pinecones and all sorts of other winter-related things. You can display them on your porch. Find more details about this idea on uncommondesignsonline.

It’s not really Christmas without a festive centerpiece. No worries, you don’t have to shop for special supplies if you want to craft one. You can reuse and repurpose some of things you already have. For example, this project from knickoftime shows you how to make a Christmas centepriece using a wood board, tart tins, sugar and candles.

Your living room isn’t the only one that could use a festive makeover this Christmas. You can also turn your attention toward the porch. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a charming Christmas porch decor. It’s enough to hang a wreath on the front door and to put some evergreens in buckets on either side of the door. Some string lights could really make a different. Find more lovely ideas like this one on onsuttonplace.

One idea that we’re particularly interested in has to do with alternatives to the classic Christmas tree decor. We believe you could craft a Christmas tree ornament using items and materials that represent you and your unique style. A wonderful example which describes this can be found on funkyjunkinteriors. That’s where we saw this cool reclaimed wood tree. Isn’t it awesome?

Staircases are ideal for displaying festive decorations on. You can hang garlands, festive signs and all sorts of other things on the railings and you can even display things on the steps, like vases filled with evergreens. You can find a few inspiring ideas on quarters1.

You can make a Christmas centerpiece out of pretty much anything, including reclaimed pallet wood and a few clippings from your garden. You can use the pallet wood to make a box and you can fill the box with pillar candles, greenery and perhaps a few pinecones as well. This idea comes from anightowlblog.

Felt Christmas ornaments are some of the cutest ones because they’re just so soft and cuddly. You can make all sorts of things out of felt, including a hanging branch ornament like the one featured on pillarboxblue. For this project you need a round template (or a can), black cotton thread, white craft glue, a hole punch and red satin cord.

Not everything has to be perfect in order to be beautiful. Some DIY Christmas decorations are more charming when they have obvious imperfections, like this rustic stick Christmas tree from thewhimsicalwife. To make something similar you need two long and thick branches and several smaller and thinner ones. You can secure them together with cord or string. Hang Christmas ornaments on the horizontal branches and be creative and original.

How would like to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece in only 10 minutes and without spending any money? The key is to use stuff that you already have. You could repurpose a storage box and fill it with pinecones and evergreens from your garden. At the center you can place a large pillar candle inside a Mason jar. Find tips and addition details about this project on apieceofrainbow.

Repurposing items can be super fun and exciting so look around for old things which you could combine into a DIY Christmas decoration full of character. For example, you could repurpose a sled or a wood box into a charming container for small Christmas trees.

How does a rustic Christmas sound like? Pretty cozy and charming, right? You can easily create the right atmosphere with a few simple DIY Christmas ornaments like green garlands with burlap ribbons and string lights which you can drape on the staircase railings. Inspiration can be found on rustyhinge.

A blackboard is an awesome decoration in general. You can write festive message on it to welcome your guests. You can also draw all sorts of cute things on the board and if you want to you can also decorate the frame with green garlands, as shown on thenorthendloft.

If you already have a bunch of Christmas ornaments ready, group them together to create a mega Christmas decoration. You can set up a sort of festive station or give your existing decor a themed makeover. There are many cute ways in which this can be done and we suggest checking out worthingcourt.

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20 Beautiful Blue Rooms – Ideas To Decorate With Blue

For the last few years, blue has basically become a neutral color. Along with the beiges, blacks and grays, you can find some blue in almost every style of decorating. Maybe you didn’t even noticed it when you started. A blue throw pillow, a blue print on the wall. Then you rolled out a blue rug. Next thing you know, you’re rolling shades of blue on the walls. But it’s not a bad thing, even if you’re going off plan to add some blue in your home. This cool shade is associated with feelings of calm and order which is a good vibe for the space you live in. So grab your paint brushes and check out these 20 blue rooms to copy in your home, whether it’s a farmhouse or modern paradise.

Classic Style

Classic decor might be one of the most common places to find blue walls. Since older homes often display so many imperfections, color and pattern can distract from those and draw attention to the charming details. A dusty navy might seem dark for a classic living room, but with plenty of light, you’ll end up with a space that looks like it belongs in the English countryside.

When you have wood floors, it’s easy to let the rest of your decor play off that neutral color and deck your windows in cream along with everything else. However when you paint your walls blue, you make these classic features like wood floors and large windows really stand out. Not to mention the inevitable sparkly chandelier that your dining room proudly displays.

Yes, even a classic bathroom can benefit from blue walls. Many classic bathrooms have bulky vanities, large trim and lots of tile so really there isn’t much wall space to be had. By painting it blue, you’ve added interest and depth to the space in a way that’s cost effective and simple. Then those white fluffy towels won’t feel so bland and boring.

Finding blue in a classic bedroom is probably not a surprise. But it’s essential if you want the other elements of your bedroom to stand out. Classic styled furniture is usually some shade of brown which is often topped with beige bedding. Blue walls add some cozy to the space while keeping that pulled together feeling.

Yes, it’s even possible to design a classic blue bedroom for your children! Blue wallpaper is the key to blue walls that feel friendly and welcoming. Choose something that has a soft pattern to it that will give you color without busyness.

Mid-century Style

Mid-century styling is definitely brighter and shinier than classic styling. Reds, greens, yellows and oranges are common in it’s decorating, along with metal accents. When decor is a little brighter on the eyes in your mid-century living room, a dark blue wall can bring some calm to the space. The rest of your color won’t mind.

When you’re aiming for mid-century decor, you often find some interesting furniture and accents. The best thing you can do is paint your walls blue and not worry so much about the other colors. Even a brighter blue against a funky chandelier can be the combination that makes your dining room perfect.

How can you really achieve mid-century modern in the bathroom without making it look like your Grandma’s carpeted horror? With blue paint. Blue walls will set off your wooden accents and feel fresh while staying true to the style. Plus, after you’ve added your plants, you’ll have a bonafide spa in your house.

While it makes sense to tone things down in your bedroom, mid-century decor doesn’t require it. Bright blue walls can look wonderful against your white duvet. Don’t forget to get your samples first. It’s important that your bedroom blue is bright enough to be happy but dark enough to be relaxing.

Kids bedrooms might be the easiest space to achieve that mid-century look. They already have the brightly colored toys! Go vintage with their furniture and give them a fun teal blue that will pull it all together. Those buckets of legos will look extra bright against something dark and calming.

Modern Style

Blue in a modern living room? Whatever happened to the black, white and brown color scheme? Ever since the growth of customized furniture business, it’s so simple to find the perfect modern sofa in that navy blue you love. To make that navy blue sofa blend into your modern home, it makes sense that you would paint the walls the same shade for the sake of simplicity.

Rather than sticking to a particular color scheme that you identify as “modern”, try keeping to designs that provide sleek lines and let the colors fall where they may. Blue walls will be a lovely backdrop against any other shades you bring in, whether white and black or yellow and green.

Modern bathrooms are all about texture meshed with simplicity. Rather than buying the colorful tile, paint your modern bathroom walls blue to help that lovely marble shower really stand out. It makes your decisions easier.

Speaking of simplicity, modern bedrooms are best known for this trait. With minimal furnishings and decor, it’s really a space you can let your hair down and release the stress of it all. So painting your bedroom walls blue will give you a head start on the relaxation process as soon as you walk into the room.

When kids want to help decorate in a modern home, it can be difficult to keep things looking the way you like. Rather than denying them the opportunity, tell them that if it’s blue, they can have it. You’ll get varying shades due to their preference but the end result will be fun and cozy.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse lovers well know that this style is made up of a lot of cream and brown with vintage touches mixed in. Vintage decor means you’ll end up with varying shades of blue but if you paint that farmhouse living room in a light powder blue shade, you’ll bring all the variations together.

Maybe the cream is really getting you down and you’re looking to make a statement in your home. Take a chance and go bold with your blue. A navy statement wall in your dining room will really make your farmhouse table pop as well as any wall art you have hanging. Just what your space needs to freshen up.

Farmhouse bathrooms are often covered in white beadboard. You can make yours interesting and unique by painting your beadboard blue! Suddenly your wood floors will seem warmer, your white towels fluffier and the whole room classier.

The bedroom in a farmhouse is possibly the easiest place to infuse with patterns. Curtains, bedding, accent furniture, there are so many choices to create a relaxing personal space. When you paint your bedroom walls blue, you give yourself some parameters for patterns which will help you keep things pulled together.

The kids bedroom in a farmhouse is probably the most fun room to design. You get to revive all kinds of vintage furniture and toys to display in their space. Give these treasures some blue walls to show off their best selves. You might just want to move in yourself rather than your kids.

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One-of-a-kind Weekend Retreat Embedded Between Two Natural Ponds

Some of the most inspiring and timeless architectural creations come from a desire to work in harmony with nature and to take advantage of the topography, landscape and views in the best way possible. Such a marvelous creation was a weekend family retreat designed and built by architecture studio Carvalho Araújo. The building was erected on a steeply sloped site from Peneda-Gerês National Park in the Northern part of Portugal. There are two naturally-formed ponds on the site: one at the top of the hillside and one at the bottom. They’re connected by a stream.

The house is a harmonious blend of concrete, steel and glass and has a large, cantilevered wooden volume
The house is a harmonious blend of concrete, steel and glass and has a large, cantilevered wooden volume
The concrete base and overall frame give the house a robust look with very clean and well-defined lines
The concrete base and overall frame give the house a robust look with very clean and well-defined lines
The house is positioned between the two natural ponds and makes the most of its unique surroundings
The house is positioned between the two natural ponds and makes the most of its unique surroundings

The house takes the place of an old structure which used to sit at the top of the site. That building was demolished and a new one was built in its place, better positioned and equipped to withstand the occasional landslides occurring in the area. A good and organization relation between the house and the land was crucial and all the efforts of the architects went into making it possible. They managed that by taking advantage of the steep slopes and the mesmerizing views and by embedding the house into the site and allowing the volumes to cantilever.

The steep slope meant that the house had to be embedded into the site and this gives it a lot of character
The steep slope meant that the house had to be embedded into the site and this gives it a lot of character
The entryway is located at the top of the hill which puts the driveway at roof level
The entryway is located at the top of the hill which puts the driveway at roof level
The spectacular views are maximized throughout the house in all sorts of magnificent ways
The spectacular views are maximized throughout the house in all sorts of magnificent ways
instead of a series of volumes with individual functions, the client requested large, multipurpose spaces
instead of a series of volumes with individual functions, the client requested large, multipurpose spaces
The house was designed to be a hybrid between a leisure and a work environment
The house was designed to be a hybrid between a leisure and a work environment
The interior design puts an emphasis on simplicity and natural materials, finishes and colors
The interior design puts an emphasis on simplicity and natural materials, finishes and colors
A wood-paneled ceiling and wooden furniture balances the decor of this bedroom, adding a warm touch
A wood-paneled ceiling and wooden furniture balances the decor of this bedroom, adding a warm touch
The guest bedroom is framed in wood entirely with the exception of the windows
The guest bedroom is framed in wood entirely with the exception of the windows
The lighting throughout the spaces is always meant to feel natural, without highlighting the actual fixtures
The lighting throughout the spaces is always meant to feel natural, without highlighting the actual fixtures
This is indeed a one-of-a-kind project, all thanks to the unique conglomerate of awesome landscape features
This is indeed a one-of-a-kind project, all thanks to the unique conglomerate of awesome landscape features

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15 of the Most Important Questions To Ask When Buying a House

It might seem like all the hard work is done: You’ve determined that you want to buy a house, have the funds, and are prepped and ready to apply for a mortgage. Now comes the fun part of touring houses for sale and picking out your favorite one. But before you fall too much in love with that stately old home with the wrap-around porch, there are some key questions to ask when buying a house that you must not overlook. Virtually every house will have something that comes up during the inspection, from a minor adjustment that is required to a major structural issue. It’s critical to know these things before you close on the property. Failing to look into these issues can leave you unhappy and cash-strapped in your new home.

How old are the major appliances in the house, such as the heating and air conditioning systems, water heater, kitchen appliances, etc.

You might want a fixer-upper because of your budget or because you enjoy doing weekend projects, but can you afford to replace major appliances? Before you make an offer on a house, find out the age for each piece of major equipment. Older houses often have older –sometimes original –equipment such as the furnace, air conditioner or water heater. Those replacements can be very costly and you’ll want to take that into consideration. Also, check the age of major kitchen appliances for the same reason. By the way, even if the water heater isn’t old, be sure that you check the size of the heater: Not having enough hot water for the family to shower can be a rude awakening.

How old are the major appliances in the house, such as the heating and air conditioning systems, water heater, kitchen appliances, etc.
How old are the major appliances in the house, such as the heating and air conditioning systems, water heater, kitchen appliances, etc.

Have there been any major renovations and when were they done.

One of the key questions to ask when buying a house is what kind of work has been done to the house and if it was done legally. Watch enough home renovation shoes and you’ll see that new homeowners frequently find that modifications were not made legally or are not up to code and they later bear the financial burden of upgrades or even removal. You don’t want to find out that the new family room addition has to be torn down after you move in!

Are warranties and receipts available for renovations and new appliances?

Ask for the paperwork on recent renovations and newly installed appliances. These will be valuable if something were to go wrong. In many cases, warranties can cover unexpected service calls even after you take over as a new owner.

Has the house ever had a burst pipe, flood or other water damage?

You’ll want to know if the basement is subject to flooding, or if there have been problems with pipes bursting or other types of water damage. In fact, according to the insurance industry, burst pipes are one of the most common types of claims. These can indicate an underlying structural issue or lack of adequate insulation that your inspector will need to check. Also, previous water damage can identify areas that should be checked for mold.

Has the house ever had a burst pipe, flood or other water damage?
Has the house ever had a burst pipe, flood or other water damage?

How old is the roof?

While this is something that a home inspector will certainly check, it’s definitely one of the main questions to ask when buying a house before you make an offer on the property.  A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 15 to 20 years. Replacing a roof is one of the more costly things to do to a home and, depending on the size of the house, can easily exceed $10,000. Also, what material is used on the roof? A shake shingle or concrete tile roof lasts longer but is far more costly to replace.

How old is the roof?
How old is the roof?

What kind of foundation does the house have?

If the home does not have a basement, does it have a raised foundation? Both of these allow easy access to plumbing and electrical conduits. In some areas of the country, slab foundations are often found in new construction. If that’s the case, you’ll want to know what was on the land before the house was built. If the land is very wet or was previously a wetland, dampness might become an issue and your inspector should know this.

Does the home have a septic tank?

If the home you want to buy is not in an urban area, it might have a septic tank instead of being attached to municipal services. If it does have one, then you need to know the last time it was pumped. Ideally, this is something that should be done every three to five years. The frequency of pumping also depends on the number of people living in the house: A larger family means more frequent pumping. A typical pumping service will cost about $300.

Does the home have a septic tank?
Does the home have a septic tank?

What is included  — or not included — in the sale of the house?

This is often one of the overlooked questions to ask when buying a house. What looks like built-in shelving might not be and that stunning chandelier over the dining room table that you love might be a piece that will move out with the current owners. You’ll want to have everything spelled out in the contract with regard to items that are included with the sale of the house as well as any that are not. This helps avoid surprises on move-in day, like arriving to find that all the blinds and window treatments have been removed.

How many different owners have there been?

You will want to know why the current homeowners are moving as well as how many different people have owned the house. Old homes may have a long list of owners, but if a newer house has changed hands many times, it could potentially signal a problem with the house or neighborhood.

How big are critical areas of the house such as the garage?
How big are critical areas of the house such as the garage?

How big are critical areas of the house such as the garage?

Have a pool table?  Will it fit around the corner to go down into the basement man cave you have planned?  How about that large sofa you want to put in the upstairs master bedroom?  Even more important, will your large SUV, pick-up truck or van fit into the garage?  These are some common unhappy surprises people find when they move into a new home. Avoid them by adding it to your list of questions to ask when buying a house measuring the spaces before you buy.

Has anything negative happened in the house?

This is one of the major questions to ask when buying a house — and one of the questions that no one really wants to ask: Was someone murdered here? Has the home been used as a drug house? Has there ever been a fire or damage from a bad storm? Some states require home sellers to disclose these things while others don’t. Be sure to ask. It’s also a good idea to ask the agent if there is anything about the house that he or she would want to know before they moved it. 

What else is in the neighborhood?

Take a good look around the neighborhood. What is next door and down the street? Is there a store behind the fence or is a large apartment complex on a bordering street?  Drive around and check out the area. Is it particularly busy or noisy?  Make sure that you visit at various times of day to get an idea of the noise and activity levels in the neighborhood. Also, keep in mind that certain types of businesses can affect the value of your property: Industrial businesses, dry cleaners, restaurants – all of these can emit bothersome smells or use chemicals that can be toxic.


Who are the Neighbors?
Who are the Neighbors?

Who are the Neighbors?

Speaking of the neighborhood, you’ll want to know who your neighbors will be when you buy a new home.  This is another thing to check when you visit the neighborhood. Are the neighboring properties well-cared for? Are there lots of toys in the yard? This likely signals younger children. Numerous cars in the driveway?  Perhaps there are older teenagers living there.  Do the neighbors have dogs?  Do they bark frequently or loudly? These factors can affect the noise level and perhaps your level of happiness in the new home.

What is the local school system like?

Schools are an extremely important item to consider when buying a home – even if you don’t have children. When it’s time for resale any potential buyers with children will want to know about the local schools. Quality of the school system is one of the key questions to ask when buying a house anywhere.

Can I afford any modifications that need to be made in order for me to be happy in the home?
Can I afford any modifications that need to be made in order for me to be happy in the home?

Can I afford any modifications that need to be made in order for me to be happy in the home?

Look past the cute front porch and the floor plan that you love, and consider the whole package. If the house needs repairs or if there are things you’d like to change, can you afford to make them within a reasonable timeframe? Can you live with the things you don’t care for? If you’re going to be miserable in the new place until the changes are made and don’t have the funds to do so right away, look for another property.

Our list of questions to ask when buying a house may not be exhaustive but it covers the major issues that frequently arise with home sales.  It could be that one of these topics will lead you down a path to more questions. The most important thing to remember is never to shy away from asking. You’re making one of the largest purchases of your life and you deserve the answers.

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Magnificent Landscaping Ideas Involving Stone Steps

I simply love how stone steps feel underfoot, don’t you? There’s nothing like it. We’ve rarely seen stone staircases being built inside the house although there are a few very interesting examples. Most often than not, stone steps are a part of backyard landscapes and we can’t wait to show you the amazing ideas we gathered over the past few days. We strongly believe that these ideas can inspire you to give you your own backyard or garden a makeover in the future and to include stone steps into the design so let’s check them out.

One of the things we love most about stone stairs is their timeless look. They look as if they’re a part of the landscape, as if they’ve been there since the beginning of time, shaped by the wind and water. In this particular case the backyard rocks strategically placed at the base and alongside the stairs emphasize this beauty even more. This was all done by Capitol Hardscapes.

The key to making stone steps look natural is to take advantage of their imperfections and making the most of this material and its unique characteristics. This can be done without compromising the integrity and safety of each step, as exemplified here by CLC Landscape Design

Stone can be used for much more than just stairs. You can build walls, benches and an entire patio out of stone slabs. The stairs can be seamlessly built into design and there are many ways in which this can be done. One example is this landscape designed by Green Solutions, Inc.

Check out how beautiful this design created by Studio 342 Landscape Architecture is. The stone steps seamlessly transition into a walkway. The stone’s irregular edges and uneven coloring transition into perfectly flat, rectangular concrete slabs aligned along the edge of the raised flower beds. 

Stone stairs and rustic houses go hand in hand, especially when there’s also a beautiful garden to complete the picture. An inspiring example is this patio makeover project completed by I-Design Landscape

The stone stairs look exceptionally natural and timeless in this particular landscape envisioned by Larkspur Design for a residence in Manchester. Stone was used not just for the stairs but to shape the landscape and to define pathways.

Stone stairs like the ones created here by AspenFalls Custom Design and Landscape play an important role in defining the aesthetic of the entire setup. Their texture, irregular shapes and surfaces and unique coloring are in harmony with the surroundings and that’s extremely important. 

Stone stairs make a lot of sense when the house they complement also has exterior walls made of stone. It’s always very satisfying to use stone to build not just a few steps in the garden but also raised flower beds, fences and other features.

We love the look of stone stairs made of irregular, uneven slabs. They look more natural and more authentic this way. The fact that no two slabs are alike doesn’t make the stairs imperfect but gives each one character and uniqueness. This example by Zone4 Landscapes is a reflection of all those details.

The fact that stone steps are usually this irregular and asymmetrical in a way makes landscaping easier and offers more freedom. The pathways don’t have to be perfectly straight and that makes it easier to design a landscape which suits the land.

Check out this awesome water feature and those beautiful stone stairs that look like they’ve been on this site since forever. It’s cool that they’re darker than the stone around them and that they’re smooth, like they’ve been shaped by water. This was a project done by Stout Design-Build

As you can see, stone stairs have a lot of character and have the advantage of being able to blend into the landscape in a unique and seamless manner. This is true regardless of the season and the colors surrounding the stairs. Stone, as it turns out, is extremely versatile.

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Christmas Door Decor Ideas With Cheerful And Cozy Vibes

Christmas is a very social holiday. It’s when we exchange gifts, we get together with friends and family and we receive guests. That has plenty to do with the fact that we’re always preoccupied to make our homes look beautiful and welcoming around this holiday. We decorate Christmas trees, we hand garlands and string lights and we also decorate our porches and front doors so everyone knows we’ve embraced the spirit of Christmas. Speaking of front door decorations, check out some of the ideas we prepared for you this year.

Hanging a wreath on the front door is a classic way of decorating the house around holidays but why stop at one wreath when you can hang two? You can combine them into a large snowman-shaped wreath like the one featured on thewhimsicalwife. If you want to craft this, you’ll need two vine wreaths (25 cm respectively 35cm), two battery-operated string light sets, black cardboard or paper, red satin ribbon, white spray paint and some faux foliage.

Decorating a wreath is fun and exciting and it helps to already have some idea of what style you prefer or what sort of ornaments you’d like to use. If you’re using a wreath foam frame, you have of options. You could make a big burlap bow or decorate it with fir tree clippings and berries for a classic touch and you can even add cheerful signs and ornaments. This farmhouse design from thecraftingnook is super charming and should be a good source of inspiration.

If you’re not a big fan of classic wreaths there are plenty of alternatives you can choose from. For example, a simple “wreath” made of springs of faux snowy pine sprigs tied in a bouquet looks pretty awesome. Wrap some twine around the stems and then tie a cute ribbon about the bouquet and hang it upside down on your front door. Check out aprettyfix for more details.

The way in which you plan your Christmas door decor has a lot to do with the impression and ambiance you’re trying to create with your ornaments. If you’re going for a homely, comfortable vibe then you don’t really have to think about this too much. A classic green wreath decorated with traditional little ornaments should be just what you need. Curious how that would look like? Check out aprettylifeinthesuburbs.

Wreaths aren’t the only things you can hang on front doors to make them look festive. A mini Christmas tree can work just as well. You can decorate it with some battery-operated string lights and maybe a few ornaments and a nice bow too. This quirky idea comes from madincrafts.

Speaking of mini Christmas trees, a couple of them can really spruce up your entryway and give your house some great curb appeal. Put them in lovely planters or, if you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse look, use metal buckets or wooden crates instead. You can decorate them with string lights, like these ones featured on onsuttonplace were. As you see, you don’t have to overcomplicate your Christmas front door decor when simple is just as good.

In addition to the beautiful wreath you plan on hanging on your front door this Christmas, a green garland could also look festive. You can hang it above the front door, sort of like this one from thefrugalhomemaker is. We love the Merry Christmas wood slice banner. It completes the decor in the most charming and chic way.

A nice idea when it comes to Christmas front door decor is to combine modern minimalism with traditional charm and coziness to create an extra welcoming display which also suits your home. Check out sadandsisal for a few inspiring hints. Out favorite is the JOY sign displayed on the door. The O is a wreath which is lovely.

Sure, decorating the front door with a festive Christmas wreaths is one of the easiest things ever but why stop there? Look around and think of what else you could do to beatify your entryway. Perhaps you could decorate your sconces or your windows or maybe you could hang garlands on the porch. In any case, we suggest checking out thistlewoodfarms first.

Red and green is the traditional Christmas color combo so maybe you’d like to use it when decorating your front door and the area around it. There are all sorts of ways in which that can be achieved. start with a green wreath on the front door. Frame the door with garlands. The red accents can come in the form of cute bows, Christmas stockings or berries and seasonal flowers. The setup featured on myuncommonsliceofsuburbia is quite inspiring.

The Christmas wreath featured on theseasonalhome is one of the most festive and best-suited for the occasion. The reason we say this is because this is a wreath made of Christmas ornaments. Additional ornaments were used here to decorate the garland and the mini trees which frame the door. We were so focused on the wreath that we didn’t even notice that crate full of presents at first. It’s such a lovely feature and the red and white stripes match the ribbon on the garland and have a candy cane-inspired vibe.

Check out these giant candy canes placed on either side of this front door. They definitely add cheer and a playful vibe to the decor. The wreath is decorated with matching striped ribbon so that’s a cute detail too. Then there’s also the assorted garland that’s also cute and cheerful. If you’d like to find out more about Christmas front door decor ideas like this one, check out theseasonalhome.

If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, you have an opportunity to make it look really special and charming this Christmas. In addition to all the things you can hang on your front door and the walls that frame it you could also decorate your porch, as small as it may be, with festive planters and themed items such as a sled, bells, an actual Christmas tree, a Christmas-themed welcome mat, etc. You can find more ideas on thehappyhousie.

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